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Trend Alert-Let’s fall for Fall

Its dull grey skies out there right now, ladies! But rainy days spent indoors get brighter when we start prepping our beauty boxes for the festive season. There’s a world of beauty waiting to be discovered and since you’re going to be stocking up on Koskii’s wedding and party wear soon, here’s a quick rundown on what to expect as we move into a pre-winter wedding mode. We’ll get into details in the coming weeks, so stick around to know more.In the meantime, get ready to fall in love…with Koskii’s new make up predictions for fall.

Lips go from fluorescent neon to lovely, dark and deep. Shades of deep matte red and dark wine find their way onto the runway and so does the full glossy mouth. But the word on everyone’s lips these days (quite literally), is ombre´. This gradual blending of light to dark lip colour creates the illusion of a fuller mouth but it now gets reversed from dark to light as lip trends get bolder! Use this technique to capture eyeballs at parties-fill the darker lip colour on the inside and blend-blur as you work in the lighter colour, gradually moving towards the natural lip line. Ombre´ also finds its way onto nails, cheeks and eyes (check out the fab L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Les Ombre´s Eye Shadow Quads)  Two is definitely better than one!

A deep ombre mouth in red or wine is totally Fall 2016! Image credit: A deep ombre mouth in red or wine is totally Fall 2016! Image credit:

If we were to describe this pre-winter look in just one word, it would just have to be `mysterious’. Eyeliner gets inventive and arty while smoky eyes smoulder with hidden secrets. Play hard to know with a look that’s strong yet seductive-speaking volumes yet revealing nothing. (Our pick of the month; the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Eye Shadow Palette or the Lakme Absolute Illuminating Eyeshadow Palette). We also spotted metallic blue eye shadow emerge with a cheeky nod to the 90’s while eyelids also shimmered with soft metallic gold, copper and silver eye shadow.

Soft, shimmery Bridalwear in dull metallics from Koskii complements a strong smoky eye. Soft, shimmery bridal wear in dull metallic shades from Koskii complements a strong, smoky eye.

Approach the glitter confidently if you’re still a thirty something or believe that age is no bar for anything! But do be careful not to overdo it or you’ll take your shiny face right back to high school disco parties in the 80’s. We recommend gently pressing just a wee bit into the inner or outer corners of your eyes to create a clean, modern look and draw subtle attention to your peepers. Eyelashes dominate, so if mascara is your thing, this is the time to go for it, girl!

Image Image

Last but not the least, we’re really, really excited that Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2016 is a two tone for the first time ever! This has created endless possibilities all through spring and summer (more about this next week). Continue to wear them together if you can pull it off or use them separately. Keep your face fresh and natural with a clean, clear complexion and a barely there girly blush that echoes the soft, nostalgic Rose Quartz-13-1520. The dreamy, wistful, lighter than air Serenity-15-3919 takes us back to early summer, so transfer it onto nails and eyes for an instant pick-me-up mood fix when the skies turn cloudy!

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