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Tips for Bridesmaids

Weddings are a grand affair celebrated with fanfare and aplomb. Two souls coming together in a holy union surrounded by opulent decorations, delectable feasts and most importantly, family and friends dressed in their absolute finest!

But there is one truth that we are all too well aware of- the big wedding day is ALL about the bride (sorry grooms, but it’s true!) Decked in gold and diamonds, wearing an intricately embroidered gown and looking like a real life princess, the bride is the center of all attention. So it’s only natural that she would want her nearest and dearest sisters & friends to be by her side during this rite of passage.

Sisters and close friends love dressing similarly for this special occasion and do all that they can to complement the bride while not taking too much attention away from her- all while looking their very best! This can be quite a task and requires a lot of trials and fittings together in a group to choose the perfect look for the occasion. Here are some guidelines to help you through this process.

Gone are the days when the only bridal colour was a deep red or maroon. Modern brides can choose from a vast array of colours and colour combinations in several designs for their wedding. The great thing about this is that the bride can showcase her style and individuality, but on the flipside, there is no “cheat sheet” of matching colours for the bride’s sisters. So here are some tips on how select the perfect outfits for your sister or best friend’s wedding!

Group Shopping Spree!

Turn this into a huge positive and do your shopping based on the bride’s ensemble. Afterall, what’s more fun than shopping with your soul sisters? Be sure to use complementary colours and designs which enhance the bride’s wedding gown.

Matching Outfits

Some choose identical bridesmaids outfits which, admittedly, looks quite adorable and definitely won’t steal away all attention from the bride. Matching bridesmaid dresses are a great option creates a real feeling for unity and support.

We caught up with Sushmita Gopinath and this is what she had to say about shopping for her sister’s wedding,


I went shopping with 2 of my cousins. As the bride chose to wear an indo-western dress, that’s what we were looking for as well. Luckily indo-western has many design options and we had a lot to choose from at Koskii.” recalls Sushmita, “We all decided to wear the exact same pattern, embroidery and design but in completely different colours. The best part is that, even though it was the same outfit, when we stood next to each other we all still looked completely different. That’s because we picked the colours based on our skin tones and body types, and also to showcase our individual styles. My cousins chose a dark blue lehenga and a cream lehenga, while I chose a deep pink, almost magenta shade. We were all extremely happy with the results!”

Subtle Variety

Another option is to wear extremely similar, but not identical bridesmaid dresses. Agree on one bridesmaids colour and fabric, with similar embroidery and design work, then customize it according to your personal taste. This is a beautiful way to stay “matching bridesmaids” without having to wear the exact same dress and you will perfectly complement the bride when you are by her side.

Here is what Azma had to say about her wedding style choices,

We wanted something that would look very similar, but at the same time be different for each of us. So we chose the same tone of colors but actually had different colors like navy, wine, bottle green and dark maroon. We also chose slightly different cuts for each of our dresses. So each of us could express our individuality but still be very similar”

So there you have it ladies! Don’t be afraid to showcase your unique style at your loved one’s wedding. With these tips and tricks, you and your girl squad can look absolutely smashing at the ceremony.

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