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The Top 05 Wedding Catering Trends you will Love!

Wish to have a reception that is unforgettable? Here’s a little secret: It’s all about the food.

With a notable splurge in food-centric media (like the Food Network, the nom nom Instagram accounts, pinterest boards etc) couples are now totally clinked into the food and beverage industry more than ever. For many, this means that the standard food platters just won’t cut the benchmark when it comes to planning their wedding menu. If you’re looking to get into this ball of new and fresh way of planning your reception then check out five of the hottest catering trends that’ll wow your guests, friends and relatives with every bite they take.

1. Play With Colour

Colour has always played a crucial part when it comes to wedding. Right from the element in the coordination of wedding linens, flowers and party attires — so why leave the menu? These days many chefs are coming up with the idea of infusing different varieties of colours to a plate to match up to the couple’s signature hue. Now don’t get confused here when we are only trying to say that you should serve some colorful ice-cream sandwiches or some colorful cookies for desserts. And also you could compliment it with some delicious tuna served in a beautiful coloured wasabi and sesame seeded deep fried wontons for your cocktail.

2. Get Global details

When it comes to food it’s all about getting the details down, right? Lot of caterers now a days are using different ingredients to get that heart winning flair into a dish.

Although you might not be able to point out the specific ingredient, the only thing that you’ll realize while taking a bite is how happy your taste buds are—that’s how you will get people talking about your wedding and the food. Your guests or friends might not remember what flowers were in your bouquet, but they’ll definitely remember the exceptional food.

3. Spring Into Action

Gone are the days when customized cocktails were trending but now caterers are creating interactive snacks and cocktail kiosks for the cocktail hours and receptions. Not only do they get people talking about it, but they are also a lot of fun. These type of food services are absolutely a win win for a cocktail reception where guests eat, mingle, dance or just hang out in the lounge area.

You could also take the traditional way of serving food and change it a little. Make every counter have different chefs serving your desired ingredients and entertaining the guests with live cooking, etc.

4. Light Bites

With time everything changes. Our parents had a different way and manner of arranging their weddings, and we, with the dynamics of the world try and make things easy, convenient and light keeping in mind the age old traditions and culture. Now-a-days everyone is concerned about their health and prefer light eating. So, this season for your cocktail hour think small like a ball of mozzarella and an olive drizzled with fresh basil oil, or mini lettuce wraps with chicken in a savory Thai peanut sauce. Even though these bites are healthy, you might be surprised to hear they won’t bother you daily health regimen. I know these recipes sound really high end, but trust me when I say you are actually spending way less since you’re incorporating a lot more fresh products into your menu.

5. Kick Up the Kids’ Menu

As we are keeping a check on everything, let’s not forget about the kids as their palates are also becoming more sophisticated and delicate by the day. Gone are the days when kids used to love chicken fingers, hot dogs and soda. Kids now have a lot of fun having different cuisines and they are well aware of the ingredients and the taste. These days kids love Sushi or chicken pot pie, or even mushroom cheese rolls dipped in brown buttered sauce. So, plate all these for the kids as they are the ones who will specifically remember your wedding if they are well served and satisfied with their food.

So, my dear beautiful couples, hop onto this new wedding ride  and tell us how  these pointers made your wedding more colorful and alluring.

That’s all from us this week. Do let us know what you think about our tips and how you incorporated them into your wedding day!

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