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05 Beauty  Must-Have Appointments You Need to Make Before Your Wedding Day!

This is for all the beautiful brides out there. As we all know that the months before your wedding are already packed with a huge list of appointments and meetings, for several different things including food tasting, catering services, checking on the places that you want your family and friends to live, and more. But apart from all these let’s make sure that you get the below-listed points checked-off on your busy schedule too.



No matter how busy you are, make sure that you get yourself an appointment fixed with one of the dermatologists and your skin checked before all the experiments that you would on ‘D’ day. You don’t want an unexpected blemish popping up one day before your wedding.



Your smile has always charmed him. Don’t let go of that alluring beam as it is the best accessory that you will carry on your wedding day! Make sure that you schedule an appointment with your dentist even if there is nothing to fear. A quick teeth whitening will brighten up that cute and gorgeous smile of yours.


Hair Stylist

Brides nowadays have a lot of options when it comes to hair styling. There will be many suggestions, many experts will suddenly pop out of nowhere with their opinions. But make sure you visit your chosen stylist for a hair trial well before your wedding. Visit him/her twice, once for a cut and once for a style at least. It will give your stylist the chance to familiarize themselves with your hair type and help you brainstorm the best look for your big day.


Makeup Trial

It usually takes a few tries before your makeup artist nails your ideal beauty look, so don’t be disheartened or discouraged if you don;t like the first attempt! Make sure you set aside a few hours with your makeup artist and bring lots and lots of beautiful inspiration references for the two of you to look at together. It’s also important that you’re specific about what you want. Don’t leave anything out, and if it doesn’t look right, speak up! They’d rather you be honest so they can fix it and give you the best.



This one may not be a beauty necessity, but a nice facial is a pre-wedding ritual and a treat to calm yourself down. We think no bride should go without. Schedule an appointment for two or three days before your wedding to get that beautiful glow on your face.

If you’re just planning on a soothing treatment, the week-of is fine. 

Et voila! With all these steps taken care of, you’re good to go!

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