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Cool Non-Boring Mandaps We Recommend For You This Wedding Season!

Weddings have always been about colors, bright lights, fun, food and lots and lots of good times. And to set the right setting and color scheme, mandaps can play the major part and become the center of attraction in a wedding. Would you guys agree to this?  This season let’s add an extra wow factor and make the couple look even more gorgeous! So, here are some of the cool new non-traditional mandaps we’ve figured out for you to get inspired!

1) A pretty pink mandap that looks like a dream!

Wedding times are the best times to experiment with colors and let your imagination float in the open air. Isn’t this just the most gorgeous mandap ever? Plus the best thing here is that if the couple is planning on a pastel outfit they have the freedom to compliment it with the mandap without fail. This season let everyone talk about how detailed your mandate was and how subtly everything complemented each other.


2) A one-of-a-kind floral string mandap!

If flowers are the only thing that you wanted to be the best in your wedding then you should definitely go for it without having a second thought. Make your mandap the most exceptional one with flowers playing the major role in it. Hang in long floral strings to make it look like a dream. Get in touch with some of the best florists in town who could turn your dream into reality and make a clean yet gorgeous mandap for you on your special day.


3) This fairytale mandap on the beach that’s all kinds of wow!

Beach weddings seem to be the flavor of the season! Doesn’t this mandap look straight out of a fairytale? Do you dream of getting that floral arch and those pretty flowers lining the aisle ready for you on your special day? If yes, then what are you waiting for?  Make sure you don’t miss on anything or add on your touch of style to it tand get it more personalized.


4) Mandap filled with a gazillion rose strings!

We have always seen pretty roses playing the magic on a wedding day for most of the couples. This season let white roses be the center of the stage and ask your mandap decorator to get the entire mandap staged with white rose strings and a tinge of red roses to work the charm. Those warm alluring white string of roses would take away your breath when you see them lined up just for you.  While elegant is the way they look they also cover up the traditional bit of the decoration. So, don’t be skeptical when we say this.

5) Floral chandeliers to steal the limelight!

Floral chandeliers in a mandap? Is this statement a little shocking? Please don’t be confused, this is an interesting and a very quirky idea. Lends such an amazing look to your wedding where flowers take over the entire decoration. Don’t be skeptical but try this idea out and we are sure that this will definitely work the magic.

This is our pick for you this week.

Please do let us know if you happen to use any of these quirky floral mandap ideas.

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