04 Quirky Decor Ideas For A Fun Wedding!

Fabulous, Frugal & BRAND NEW!

Weddings… weddings… round the corner.
Are are you on a budget but don’t want to make it appear so to all your friends and family? The decor is one of the most interesting aspects where you can really save a few big bucks.
Trends come and go, so this time we are here with some super cool ideas which are not only gonna look fabulous but are alluring too! These are refreshing, fun and quirky ideas for your wedding this season!

1) Hanging Tassels:

Tassels are so on these days! And these beautiful little things can be used in so different ways in the decor- from stage backdrops to photo booths and even to generally hang around. They look very elegant and pretty! You can even DIY them with fabrics and accessorise them.


2) Glass bottles with florals:

Glass bottles are cheap, and we all have them lying around at home or get loads packed with goodies! Let’s make good use of them by suspending them with flowers- a quirky idea that’s super cheap and brings in the romance factor also.


3) Ribbon bows on chairs:

A simple pocket-friendly idea but looks super classy! Just make a simple bow with some thick satin ribbon and put in on one corner of the chair or around the handles to do the magic for you this wedding season! You can do this to match or contrast your wedding decor colour theme!


4) Metallic painted tins:

A creative DIY idea where you use metallic tin jars to decorate your wedding area! What do you think about these painted tin jars? Exciting and a fresh idea where you fill these jars up with flowers, use them as centrepieces or as a statement corner display matching it with the rest of decor.

Our pick this week. Hope this quirky little writing piece finds all you beautiful couples.
Do let us know if you incorporated any ideas of ours into your wedding decor.

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