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5 Cool New Instagram Food Trends That Are Perfect For Your Winter Wedding!

Food always plays an important role in any wedding and especially in an Indian wedding where at every step you meet a person serving you different delicacies. But what’s a Michelin chef and a five-course meal compared to Instagram food trends? Nothing right! That’s why we put aside our worries and took it upon ourselves to give you an update – a food update especially for winter weddings that will shake the very foundations of boring, done-to-death wedding fare. Wanna know what they are? Read up!


1) Coffee in a Cone:

One of the newest trends to hit Instagram this week – and it’s super simple. Coffee served in a waffle cone – what what-what!!! Amazing and quirky right? We have also heard that a lot of people are picking this trend for there wedding and why not. An amazingly pocket-friendly thing and since coffee is everyone’s favourite during the winter season. Our only suggestion to you guys is if you happen to use this please go with a thicker cone, because it will hold better. But doesn’t this sound divine!


2) Different coloured Waffle Ice Cream Cones:

Now this one is an interesting way to grab the eyeballs. A waffle cone in different colours is really the way to enter the trending food hashtag at weddings. It’s actually nothing but waffle cones in varieties of colours, especially in black, that is stuffed with anything you like – from ice cream to sausages to anything. How cool is too cool, right? Add this stall in any corner where food is being served and experience the magic yourself on your wedding.


3) Freak Shakes:

Now don’t get shocked by the name, all you have to do is stuff a normal milkshake with food and sauces, and all types of candy and what do we have? A Freak Shake. From multiple caramels, sauces, to actual chocolate bits, to even cakes and fruits are stuffed into a mug to give you a crazy shake, worthy of Instagram and get your friends and family to talk about it even after the goodbyes.


4) Chocolate Dipping Spoons:

A supremely pocket-friendly idea to keep the kids busy and mommies free. Just get a few of your favourite dips and dip edible spoons into dark, nutty, brown or milky chocolate and add your own twist in terms of fruits, nuts and sprinkles. OMG, such a cool bachelorette dessert idea too! Trust us on this one. Kids would come like honey bees hovering over these ones.


5) Marble cakes:

Okay, this doesn’t mean home decor or losing your mind anymore. It’s now an amazing wedding cake trend, really, we are not kidding. Marble cake is a design made of fondant that has the look of finished marble. This look comes together by mixing up two different batters of two different shades plus, blending two or more complementary colours of fondant. Easy, peasy and makes great pictures!

Hope you folks like this read. This is our pick for the week. Tell us about how you liked these food trends that are perfect for a winter wedding or if you incorporated any of them into yours this season.

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