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Choose the Perfect Wedding Flowers

I love orchids and I love sunflowers, they’re so big, bright and make me think of all things happy and romantic. But which of these flowers would I use in my wedding decorations? Since there are so many options to choose from, here’s a neat little list of the most popular wedding flowers.   These gorgeous flowers can really turn your wedding venue into a magical space: Let’s start with my personal favourite- Orchids! Purple is a common colour used at Indian weddings and fits in well with the general air of opulence and grandeur we wish to project at this occasion. If you want to channel the power of purple but not go overboard (like draping the venue with heavy purple velvet curtains, making it look like a scene from Arabian Nights), use exotic orchids in your floral arrangements. Purple, Pink & White Orchids arranged tastefully can create a rich, elegant theme throughout your space.  Not the norm at Indian weddings, let’s check out the happy Sunflower! Large, cheery and vibrant, sunflowers are an ideal choice for an Indian wedding for a multitude of reasons. First off, according to “The Language Of Flowers”, Sunflowers represent adoration- which is perfect for […]

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Kundan Bridal Jewellery

In a country like India, we have so many traditional handicrafts and different types of design that we probably can’t even fit the entire list onto one page. This land is brimming with creativity and, luckily for us, abundant with skilled artisans and craftsmen. There are several types and techniques of craftsmanship when it comes to creating jewellery in India, and we’re about to take a look at the most popular design among women today, Kundan Jewellery. Classic and Traditional, Kundan jewellery is a form of gemstone jewellery wherein real or imitation gems or glass stones are set against a gold foil and mounted onto moulded metal. This technique is usually seen in many designs of earrings and necklaces but can be used to make other types of ornaments as well. It is widely accepted that this style of jewellery making took root in the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat, with heavy influences from Mughal Culture as well. This explains the regal air to the designs, as it used to be the preferred choice of Indian Royalty. The word Kundan itself means “highly refined gold” as artisans use pure forms of molten gold when creating these pieces. It is one […]

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