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The Most Thoughtful Little Wedding Gestures Your Guests Will Remember for a Long Time!

A wedding calls in for a bucket list of things which is not possible for you and only you to do it alone. So, most (not all!) of us get our friends and close family members involve and get them up with different kinds of responsibilities to make it to your wedding. So, after all these wedding frenzies why not do a little something for them in return which makes them feel fuzzy and special? Here are some cute little wedding gestures that you can do from your side for your guests, friends and family members which they will remember for a long long time! What say, guys?   1) Put the room keycard along with the wedding itinerary! Hand out the room keycards to the guests in this cool handy way- including a cute little form for them to fill in their interests which you can then add it to your wedding itinerary! It’s such an easy and hassle-free way, especially for a destination wedding!   2) Keep them comfy from the cold! Outdoor weddings during winters can get super chilly, especially if the pheras are at night. Most people do arrange for blowers and small fireplaces, but you […]

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Best Bachelorette Trips To Plan With Your #GirlSquad!

Wedding calls in a lot of responsibilities and drama and they are all good in their own peripheries but nothing beats the time that you have with your girlies! Between wedding planning and continuous smiling for the in-laws, we understand that things get exhausting, but your friends are crucial to your sanity — and a quickie girls’ trip can be all you need to reset, revive relax, and remember what it’s like to have fun with your girls. Here are a few places that we have set up for you and your girls for a quick escape before your step into a new world of responsibilities. 1) Sri Lanka: One of the most alluring places of all time and we believe because it’s so close by and doesn’t allow people to get into the mood that right before the wedding you are planning to fly off to a faraway place and the sole fact that it’s gorgeous. A Beautiful island nation with spectacular beaches, endless forests, dreamy hills, splendid cuisine and the warmest people you will ever meet. For your girls trip, you can also pick to travel to Colombo, the golden sands of Bentota, the mountains of Ella and […]

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