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Skincare Secrets – The Magic of Olive Oil

Getting better skin is not as hard as you think. We just have to be GOOD about it, and make sure we stick to the rituals which we know will help us in the long run. That means no more lazy nights of leaving your makeup on and going to sleep, no more skipping steps in your skincare routine and definitely eating less junk food! Now I say less because let’s be honest here, we still need to enjoy life to the fullest- and that includes eating what we like. There’s no point in surviving on a diet of lettuce and celery, and strange juice concoctions while being sad and hungry! The key though is moderation. Eat what you like in moderation and be sure to balance it out with something healthy. Feel guilty about gorging on a whole box of chocolates? Just balance it out by adding salads and fresh fruits to your next meal! Yes, it can be as easy as that; you just have to make sure you’re diligent about taking care of yourself. We often rely on quick fixes to treat our immediate issues, only to have them flare up again in a few weeks. Instead, […]

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Koskii Super Brides – The Girl Behind the Veil

There is a Super Bride in all of us waiting to come out and show herself to the world. Whether one aspires to marriage or not, once a girl does decide to tie the knot, she knows that this day is all about her. Often times, during the course of wedding planning, certain ideas and themes get away from the bride and she ends up just doing what her family and friends want. Afterall, India and her traditions date back thousands of years and we know that our weddings will be grand and opulent; but they have all started to look the same, don’t you think? Trends are changing now, and we see the emergence of the Super Brides. A Super Bride is one who asserts her individuality and creates an impact wherever she goes, so of course, it goes without saying that she will be personalising her wedding! We know she is a powerhouse, a force to be reckoned with, a SUPER WOMAN in her own right, but how does she choose to express it? Is she an artist, an explorer, a fashionista? Who is the girl behind the veil? We’ve zeroed in on 5 personas or avatars, to begin […]

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