Thinking of experimenting with your traditional wedding venue? Team Koskii tells you why a destination wedding is the best way to do that!

 As they say, in India, a wedding is not the union of two individuals but two families! So, the mantra is always ‘the bigger the better’ which can be extremely overwhelming. How do you accommodate so many people without compromising on privacy, fun and budget?

 Destination weddings lend a perfect mix of comfort and celebrations that are sure to give you an invigorating start to a new and happy life. Of course, it’s easier said than done when it comes to picking the right destination- especially when you are granted only a week’s time before you come back to the hustle-bustle of your usual life. Team Koskii handpicked a few options to make your wedding experience a timeless memory! These locations may not be usual wedding destinations but what they have to offer may take you by surprise. Have a look:

Love by the Sea

Dive into the serenity of changing horizons as you take your marriage vows with your beloved. Timeless memories will come in plenty if the beach wedding routine is something you’re looking to explore. Pick a beach resort or book a private beach and it should do the drill!

How to style your look: Pastels hues will turn the tide in your favour! Beaches are generally hot during the day, so it’s crucial you pick something lightweight in order to not have a mid-wedding meltdown. Bright colours may sound like a good idea, but we suggest keeping it subtle to reflect a soothing and pleasant vibe. Pastels will lend the right blend of appeal and elegance if you’re planning a destination wedding by the sea. Don’t shy away from experimenting with hues of red to keep the element of traditionalism in your wedding attire. Lastly, try and avoid wearing a lehenga with heavy work.

Marriage-hood in the Woods

This might sound like a wild fantasy, but let us tell you it’s an exceptionally tranquil experience. If you’re worried that wild animals might drop by your ceremony – then you have perhaps taken us a bit too seriously. Forest resorts are trending in the hospitality industry, and in India you have an array of resorts you can pick from for your special day. The lush green wilderness of nature is sure to make you feel like Adam and Eve, and we say, why not? ;)

How to style your look: When you’re surrounded by nature, you can pick from a wide spectrum of colors for your wedding. A fuchsia pink lehenga with floral prints / embroidery or a beige lehenga will enhance your wedding look with this backdrop. You can also experiment with earthy colours, bright yellows or ivory undertones, if you like to keep it traditional.

Beautiful Sands of time

 Lawrence of Arabia only taught us one thing that magical things could happen in the middle of a desert! This might sound unusual to a few, considering the scorching heat and the possibility of a sandstorm. But relax because it’s all about picking the right time of the year. A winter desert is like a cherry on top of your cake that you surely deserve after a long day of marriage rituals and exhausting puja’s. With Rajasthan tourism making the desert experience more royal than ever, options like booking a dessert resort or booking an ancient Royal Haveli is the new buzz in town. Great food, sunset by sand dunes, local dance and music shows, camel rides and dessert safaris is an add-on to your post wedding day activities. We assure you that sand will never bore you!

How to style your look: This is a perfect place to experiment with your love of reds and mauve. The sandy backdrop compliments best with wine red, scarlet red, magenta, maroon and shades of mauve. Make sure to pick a lehenga that will allow you to balance the heat that you will be surrounded with. Experiment with local jewelry options if you want to create a look that stands out. Rajasthan is all about beads, silver stones and ivory bangles when it comes to adornment of jewelry.

Which one of these places intrigued you the most? Write to us in the comment section below and subscribe to our page for more unusual wedding routines!


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