Its time to free the femme, ladies!

It’s quite amusing how womanhood / femininity becomes the talk of the town only on a certain day, when in actuality, it is something we should be celebrating everyday – simply because it’s worth it!


The women empowerment movement has come a long way since it’s inception. We see more and more women taking charge in every field that they were earlier denied access to. Femininity has seen several forms of scrutiny over time, in their fight for gender equality, something we should all feel proud of.


However, there always comes that time when you dress-up for that much awaited dinner party that you have been prepping yourself for- and gosh, do you look wonderful! But, on seeing your significant other, comes the quintessential question “Hey, how do I look?”, to which you will always hear an unsatisfactory response.


That’s where all your liberal ideas of feminism and independent womanhood go in vain! We know validation feels like the best thing in the world on a gloomy day, but that’s where the work that you need to do towards yourself goes out of the window.

For example, going out on a dinner date with your beloved shouldn’t always be about looking your best, it should rather be about the kind of time you want to spend when two of you are alone! The world revolves around you like an old Radio with no tunes, but if you decide to tune your broken chords on the melody of people around you, you’re forever lost finding yourself true self.

They say when you find yourself, you find somebody who loves you – Be that somebody for yourself through out your journey of self-love and self-care. Let nobody tell you otherwise. Understand that you’re special and you deserve everything the way you want without having to contour your authentic self. Koskii believes that every woman, both biologically and psychologically have the power to shape a dignified narrative around them, and that’s only possible when they finally grow in love with themselves!

So, will you join our hands in celebrations to #FreeTheFemme? Use the #FreeTheFemme and share with us your idea of femininity and how do you think you want to make a change around the narrative of Women’s Day!

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