Koskii SuperBride Season 2

The modern woman is an enigma. She’s the queen of her domain and is accomplished in every way. Uncompromising, brilliant, hopeful, intelligent, resourceful, charming… the list is endless. She knows her mind and is not afraid to speak it. She’s her own woman. She’s out in the world, conquering it every day.


It is no wonder then that her sense of style is entirely her own. From the colors she wears to the cuts, the styles… she knows what she wants and what looks good on her. She blends the traditional with her individuality, the trendy with what is uniquely her own. While most bridal wear boutiques adopt a cookie-cutter approach, at Koskii we celebrate each bride and her unique personality and attributes. The very word ‘Koskii’ means ‘girl’ in Nawayati language. It is our heritage to view each bride as an individual who embodies the traditions of her community and family, yet stands supremely as her own person… powerful and delicate.


The Koskii SuperBride contest is our salute to the wonder of womanhood; to the girls who are on the threshold of a momentous occasion in their lives; to the brides who will go on to become much more than they are today; to the doctors who will find cures to chronic diseases; to the girl bosses who will start the next Facebooks and Googles; to the mothers and wives who will help shape communities of the future. The Koskii SuperBride is much more than a contest, just like the wedding day is much more than a ceremony.


Through the Koskii SuperBride contest, we invite brides to explore and celebrate their individuality. It is easy for them to get swept up in preparations and traditions and forget who they are, who they’re meant to be. We invite brides-to-be to step out of the wedding mayhem that surrounds them by providing a platform for self-expression. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will help prepare and shape them for what lies ahead. It allows brides the opportunity to be truly seen, heard and understood.


Also, the Koskii SuperBride contest draws inspiration from the fact that no two brides are the same. Their hopes, dreams, aspirations, desires are different. Shouldn’t their wedding attire be uniquely theirs as well? We think so! The Koskii SuperBride gets professionally-styled bridal wear for her big day, so well-suited to her personality that it will seem as though it was created especially for her.


The contest is uniquely planned to allow for moments of reflection and pause. Out of practical necessity, we’ve created a framework of five personas for the brides to choose from—Sporty, Power, Explorer, Artsy and Activist—the one that reflects them the most. They will introduce and represent their chosen persona with grace, style, wit, and poise. The most sublimely articulate and purposefully engaged bride-to-be will win the show and our hearts. May the best SuperBride win!

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