Tips for the ideal Monsoon Wedding!

Hello lovely people of the fashion world! It's that season of the year once again--the monsoons have hit India with quite a vengence and while the fresh smell of rain damped mud is sweeter than honey, you can't ignore all the muck the rains bring with them. For the wedding industry, this marks one of the 'low's', owing to the unpredictable nature of the weather. But, if bad weather, mud stains and dampened spirits are the only things that come to your mind when planning a monsoon wedding--we say think again!
A rainy day creates the most ideal atmosphere for a romantic ceremony, while making you break traditional stereotypes and many predictable wedding celebrations!

While you would have to make sure that things like indoor/outdoor covered seating, safe food counters etc are taken care of, here are some of our top things to keep in mind when it comes to your attire-

1. Go Bright!
The monsoons are naturally quite dull, giving everything a grey tinge. Go bright with your outfit! Brighter the better. You really want to stand out on your special day and this is definitely going to help you do that. Choose yellow, rani pink, orange or any bright colour you like.

2. Not bright? Then go dark
Don't feel like sporting bright colours on your wedding? Then go for dark vines and blues, BUT STAY AWAY FROM PASTELS! Dark colours tend to work wonderfully for monsoons too, as they hide muddy stains which pastels pick up. if you wear a dark outfit against decor which is loud and bright, you're bound to look beautiful!

3. Wear light fabrics that are going to let you move freely
Always pick fabrics which are light and airy. If you're in a location that is humid, the humidity will get to you, your clothes and your makeup! So be prepared. Georgette's, chiffon's, net and lace are great fabrics to adorn. They're easy to handle and super breathable


4. Avoid trails and long hemlines
Lastly, we know the current trend is trail lehengas/gowns and fancy hemlines, but stay away from these. Instead get your lehenga made to ankle length--you will thank us later! It's so much easier when you're not worried about handcrafted luxury sweeping muck at your wedding.
Can you think of any more fashion tips to keep in mind for the monsoons? Share with us!

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