It was no easy task to choose a winner as we had over 200 entries vying for a spot on the Top 10!

After much deliberation, our judges finally chose the FIRST EVER Koskii Super Bride.

Watch the Video for the big reveal!

Over the course of 2 days, 10 seemingly shy brides-to-be walked into the Royal Orchid Convention Centre for their big day - The Koskii Super Brides Photoshoot. Demure and graceful, they sat quietly waiting for the makeup artists to begin their work. As their transformation began, the sparkle in their eyes got brighter, and by the time they tried on their lehengas, they were bubbling over with confident delight! The nervous girls who walked in that morning were sashaying around the green room, examining themselves and twirling in front of mirrors. They were ready.
Each step they took on the ramp while walking towards the judges was more powerful than the last until they reached the spotlight and began to speak. There they were, the Super Brides in all their splendour, gushing about their transformations and carrying themselves with the grace of professional models! The judges were awestruck as each of our Top 10 beauties began telling us about themselves, their lives, their hopes, their ambitions, and giving us a peek into their multifaceted personalities.
Take a look at what they had to say.