3 legendary women you should know about - Women's Day Special

As we celebrate International Working Women’s week, we took a walk down the
hall of famous women across the world, who sent a strong message of self-
identification of womanhood, unconventional femininity, and independence to
the world. They’re beautiful, willful, witty, intelligent, and above all, independent
women. Scroll down to see our favorite picks for this year’s women’s day

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo was one of the greatest artists from Mexico and also of her time. She
was born with polio which caused one of her legs to grow shorter than the other
one. She struggled with her insecurity as a child by covering her legs with high
hem dresses, but her father, who believed in her said, she should not shy away
from her physical disability, as long as, her spirit is alive. An encouraged Frida
then set out on a journey to find her footing in the world and she landed in love
with an artist by the name Alejandro Gomez Arias. But luck be an old lady for
Frida, as she met with a tragic bus accident while traveling with Alejandro to an
art fest. The accident left her in a great deal of pain physiologically. Her hip, spine,
and pelvis were damaged to a point of no repair. During her recovery days, she
grew closer to painting – a medium she used to express her grief and pain of
being physically damaged. An even more encouraged Frida was thus blooming
into an unusual artist the world will never forget. Her paintings were so striking
for art lovers that they went on to label her work as “Surreal”. Besides, this Frida
was also a gender revolutionary. She sported a slight mustache and thick
eyebrows to acknowledge that women have facial hair and should not be
subjected to beauty standard decided by someone else for a woman. Frida and
her artworks are examples of strength and courage derived from intense
physical pain, but that didn’t stop her from taking the leap of faith – to be the world’s most renowned fine artist!

Bhanu Rekha

Born to a famous a producer Gemini Ganeshan and actress Pusvapalli, Bhanu
Rekha lived most of her childhood struggling to find a father figure after her
parents divorced. At a time when kids enjoy their childhood, Rekha, being the
eldest daughter had to take up some severe responsibility towards her
financially drowning family. At the age of 13, she was exposed to the crudeness
of the film industry. She was often panned for her dark skin tone by directors
and as a child, it only discouraged her to go ahead with her careers in film. She
left her education mid-way while she wanted to study and become a doctor. But
due to the constant unfavorable conditions at home, she had to give up on her
dreams. But, all of this grief lasted until the early ’70s when Bhanu Rekha hit the
silver screen of Bollywood as a transformed actress. A new version of Rekha’s
beauty was becoming the talk of the town and every producer and director was
signing her up. She currently lives in her home in Bandra with her two pets after
two failed marriages and an alleged incomplete love-affair with Big B. No matter
what, Rekha is simply the best example of a strong, independent woman who
still chooses to live her life on her own terms. She is India’s diva and she forever
will be known as legendary for the extravagant characters she played in Indian

Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen was just 19 when she was crowned as Miss Universe 2000. Hailing
from a middle-class Bengali family, she didn’t have the financial resources to put
together a pageant dress. Her mother sewed her a gown, which she wore in the
pageant. But as we all know it wasn’t just the dress that got her the title, since
Sushmita has been anything but vain. She has been an inspiration for women of
different ages. This lady is a one-man army who stops at nothing. Whether it is
winning the title of Miss Universe at the age of 19, fighting against the system to
bring home her first daughter, Renee at the age of 25 and the second daughter,
Alisah at 35 or gifting herself abs on her 40th birthday, she is truly an
embodiment of the spirit of a female warrior. Sushmita sends out a strong
message to young millennial women that you don’t need a man to to support
your dreams. And she proved it when she bought a 22-carat diamong ring for
herself and fiercely protested media speculations that suggested that she finally
found a man. She is 42, lives her two adopted daughters and a charming
Kasmhiri boyfriend. If she is not the epitome of women empowerment, we don’t
know what is!

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