Be The One You LOVE

Our Campaign LoveKoskii is a strong manifestation of a common girl's transformation into a beautiful, powerful & enigmatic woman. The core idea behind Lovekoskii is to embrace SELF-CARE & SELF-LOVE.

Love Yourself, Love Koskii !


Mantri Square Launch

"Elegant" & "Beautiful" describe Koskii's 7th store in Bangalore.

Located on the 1st Floor of Mantri Square Mall Malleshwaram, our store exudes a lot of warmth, bright colors and needless to say an array of beautiful designs, unique patterns & statement styles.

Think of an Occasion, Think of Koskii !


Naila Noushin

Meet the winner of the Koskii Super Brides 2017, Naila Noushin!
This Power Bride killed it on the runway, oozed confidence at the Q&A round, and dominated the photo shoot! With her loving fiancé cheering her on and supporting her from backstage, Naila's charm, confidence and grace captured the hearts of everyone who met her!



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