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Art silk sarees combine the luxury of silk with the comfort and price tag of cotton sarees. Lightweight yet durable, you can walk around in them al... More

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27 products

Art silk sarees Price List

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Pista Green Zariwork Art Silk Saree Rs. 4,490
Sea Green Zariwork Art Silk Saree Rs. 4,490
Rani Pink Zariwork Art Silk Saree Rs. 4,990
Mustard Zariwork Art Silk Saree Rs. 4,990
Rama Green Zariwork Art Silk Saree Rs. 4,990
Peach Zariwork Art Silk Saree Rs. 4,990
Red Zariwork Art Silk Saree Rs. 4,990
Red Zariwork Art Silk Saree Rs. 6,990

Buy Beautiful Art Silk Sarees Online

It makes sense to begin your search for the perfect art silk saree online because you can access the widest variety of colours and designs. Being able to browse through an eclectic collection of art silk sarees will ensure the decision-making power lies in your hands.

The art silk saree price is affordable and falls within the same range as simple cotton, even though it looks like pure silk sarees. Need to attend a wedding? You can choose between a designer lehenga or an art silk saree to create an equally stunning impact. If you want to buy a new saree, head to Koskii, where we have one of the most vibrant collections of art silk saree online.

Choose to buy an art silk saree online by looking for your favourite colours and designs. Do you love the colour red? Browse our collection of red sarees to find one that matches your vibe. If zari work is a firm favourite, find an art silk saree resplendent with zari embroidery in traditional motifs.

The Art Of Buying Art Silk Sarees

Why should you buy an art silk saree? Artificial silk is made from synthetic fibres making it highly durable and affordable while it looks exactly like pure silk. Given its glamour quotient and the fact that it provides the perfect canvas for elaborate embroidery and embellishments, art silk sarees are one of the best investments you can make in terms of ethnic wear.

So, how do you choose the best art silk saree online? The same way you would select any saree. Except you should be prepared for the onslaught of stunning pieces of art that you will have to choose from when you browse through our collection.

Types Of Art Silk Sarees Available On Koskii

Exquisitely luxurious, art silk sarees are a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. They are always in vogue, whether for a special occasion or a wedding. There are a wide variety of art silk sarees from which you can choose. These include:

  • Embroidered Art Silk Sarees: Whether with zari or thread, embroidery adds oodles of charm and sophistication. Similar to traditional silk saree designs, some have embroidered borders and pallus. Some also have embroidery that starts at the border and goes further up the saree. Others have a zari woven fabric with a soft finish that looks utterly beautiful.
  • Printed Art Silk Sarees: While embroidery is the ruling monarch of ethnic wear in India, fancy sarees with prints are the young princesses in waiting. From colourful, dynamic graphic prints to floral saree, printed art silk sarees blend traditional ethnic wear with contemporary styling. Just what young fashionistas need in their wardrobes.
  • Embellished Art Silk Sarees: Going beyond embroidery and prints, art silk sarees are also embellished with glasswork, beads, cutdana, and so much more. The bohemian cousin of the severely traditional pure silk sarees, these decorated art silks are fun and extravagant. You can buy these art silk sarees online at Koskii.
  • Plain Art Silk Sarees: There’s nothing more appealing than a simple art silk saree that heroes the silky softness of the material. Using colour as a means to elevate the saree, plain sarees are the perfect attire for those occasions that call for something special without going overboard. You can dress it up with oxidized jewellery to create the perfect look.

Why is Art Silk Saree Beneficial for Your Special Occasions?

Though crafted with synthetic fibres, an art silk saree exudes the texture and glow of pure silk in every manner. Besides, when you buy an art silk saree from Koskii, you are sure to create a royal appeal on every occasion. 

Check out some of the reasons why art silk sarees are one of the popular choices among fashion enthusiasts:

  • Affordable: You are sure to find some in the most affordable price range when it comes to art silk sarees. So, you can acquire a sophisticated fashion ensemble without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • Durable: Being resistant to wear and tear, soft art silk sarees last long, retaining their shine and glow. Thus, you can wear them regularly without worrying about them getting dull.
  • An Array of Designs: At Koskii, you will find plenty of designs in art silk saree. We offer everything from art silk plain saree to traditional embellishments to meet your styling preferences.
  • Easy Maintenance: Art silk needs minimal maintenance, thanks to synthetic fabric. You can easily hand-wash them at home without following hard and fast maintenance procedures.
  • Vibrant Colours: Koskii offers a wide range of colourful art silk sarees online to complement every skin tone flawlessly. You will find everything in our assortment, from classic brown to subtle pink.

Top Tips and Tricks to Choose an Art Silk Saree

Choosing the right art silk saree for your special occasions is no longer tedious when Koskii has your back. Our wide assortment of opulent designs, authentic fabrics, etc., will offer you the perfect piece within your budget and expectations. 

However, considering the following aspects will help you secure the best pick for you:

Style & Design

Select the design and style of your art silk saree based on the theme and vibe of the occasion. Pick art silk plain sarees for casual events and heavily embroidered ones for traditional events and festivities.

Colour & Pattern

Not every colour suits your skin tone perfectly. Thus, Koskii comes with a varied colour palette like brown, pink, green, and more that enhances every complexion elegantly. Moreover, our collection includes intricate patterns to cater to different styling choices.

FAQs On Art Silk Sarees

Are art silk sarees good?

Yes, art silk sarees are the best value for money silk sarees that you can buy. Apart from being affordable, art silk sarees are also ultra-comfortable and long-lasting. Made from highly durable fabric, art silks can withstand much wear and tear and look none the worse.

What is the price of art silk?

This is probably the best part of wearing art silk sarees. You get the beauty of a silk saree at the price of a cotton one. Unlike pure silk sarees, art silks are available even for Rs 2000 and upwards. The embroidery and embellishment work on the art silk saree determines the value of the saree. The more handwork you have on the saree, the higher the price tag.

What is the difference between art silk and silk?

Though they look remarkably similar, art silk is processed differently than pure silk. Artificial silk or art silk is created using synthetic fibres, such as rayon. In contrast, pure silk is woven from silkworms that feed on mulberry leaves. While there are many variations of how pure silk is produced, they all require that silk threads are harvested from the larvae of an insect. This makes pure silks difficult to produce, which is why they are so expensive. Artificial silk, on the other hand, is not harmful to the environment in that manner and is much easier to produce, reducing production costs.