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In a world of bright colours, the pastel saree stands out as a soothing balm. Heralded as the colour of the season, especially after the bleakness of the last few years, the pastel colour saree has come into its own - from being seen at weddings as bridal wear to serving as a spot of calm in the familiar chaos of community festivities. Pastel colour sarees are all about breaking the norm and stepping into your personal style.

Pastel Threads

Not relegated to pastel silk sarees alone, today, you can find pastel-coloured chiffons, georgettes, nets, crepe, and organza sarees easily. In the early days, when sarees were nothing more than unstitched cloth draped around Indian women, white was the only colour in use. Over time, early Indians learned to dye cloth, and bright red, green, and blue sarees soon became a popular sign of wealth and prosperity. Rich, vibrant colours have always been adored in ethnic wear. Not anymore, though. Today, pastel sarees rule the colour palette. From Bollywood stars to fashion moguls, pastels are no longer seen as ‘characterless’ colours. Instead, the pastel colour saree is in demand almost as much as traditional reds.

When you browse Koskii’s extensive collection of pastel sarees online, you will find sarees that run the entire gamut of the pastel colour range. From pale pinks and light blues to creams and mint greens, you will discover pastel-coloured sarees, gowns, and even lehengas. For young brides who want to explore their own expressions of bridal fashion, Koskii even has pastel colour sarees for weddings.

The Psychology of Pastels

Pastels were introduced to the art world in the 15th century but hit the mainstream only in the 18th century. Since then, these subtle hues have been incorporated into every sphere of our lives. From fashion to art and even décor, pastel shades are everywhere.

Colours have always reflected the collective consciousness of the world. Dark-coloured clothes were the norm during World War 2 and periods of economic recessions in 2008 and 2009. When the world was at peace and prosperous, colourful fashion made a return, including pastel colours. Today, we seek a world that is without turmoil. Hence the renaissance of pastels is at hand. Colour psychologists claim that the world is leaning towards soothing colours, i.e., pastels. In a world that is so uncertain, we are looking for comfort and safety. Pastel colours remind us of our childhood when life was simpler and happier. This explains the increasing popularity of pastel colour silk sarees and lehengas in recent times.

Pastel Sarees For Weddings

Traditionally, red bridal sarees were considered auspicious. Today, young fashionistas are reaching for pastel colour sarees instead as they make bolder and more individualistic choices. From mellow yellow sarees for the Mehendi ceremony to a soothing pastel blue silk saree for the engagement, pastel shades are different and fashionable. Instead of traditional colours, brides want something unique, like onion pink pastel Kanchipuram sarees or a lime green pastel bridal saree. Even at the actual wedding ceremony, there’s an increasing number of brides who wear pastel colour silk sarees instead of the traditional bold colours.

Koskii has a wide range of pastel colour sarees online, especially for brides, bridal parties, or wedding attendees. Beyond weddings, Koskii has an extensive collection of salwar, sarees, and lehengas in pastel shades. Explore our extensive pastel collection and refresh your wardrobe today.

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