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Printed saree is a staple outfit in every Indian woman’s wardrobe. If styled in the right way, it makes a bold statement on every occasion. Printed... More

43 products

43 products

Buy Trendsetting Printed Sarees At Koskii

Simple printed sarees can be the right fit for any casual occasion. But if you are attending an event that is more formal, consider going for a designer printed saree. The best fact about printed saree is that they are available in multiple fabrics. So, you can choose a printed saree in georgette, taffeta silk, or organza as per your preference.

If you are looking for a chic and charming outfit, try wearing a printed silk sarees for the occasion. These are perfect for several ceremonies. For example, you can style them for poojas or traditional festivals at your home, formal meetings with your in-laws, and more. Also, if you are going to attend a wedding, bride or not bride, it fits every requirement.

Popular Fabrics For Printed Sarees

Printed sarees are affordable due to their manufacturing technique and are available in a variety of fabrics. There’s no doubt why it is everyone's favourite! If you are looking for one, we have the following fabric options for printed sarees you can choose from:

  • Satin: Printed satin sarees offer a royal appeal with all its shine and spark. At Koskii, you will find these satin-printed sarees to accentuate your sparkling glow even more.
  • Raw silk: This lightweight fabric offers an exquisite look for every occasion, and when styled with classy prints, it looks even more graceful.
  • Taffeta silk: The lustrous sheen of taffeta silk looks more soulful, with detailed prints all over the body and pallu.
  • Art silk: Embrace the poise of Koskii’s printed art silk and get ready for an enthralling appeal every time. The Swarovski embellishments on these printed sarees add a distinctive glow to your overall look.
  • Georgette: Looking for a comfortable styling option? Pick Koskii’s georgette printed sarees for an enticing look and carefree movement.
  • Tissue: Printed tissue sarees look extremely gorgeous due to their translucent look and lightweight feel. At Koskii, you will find printed tissue sarees in multiple colours that match your skin tone perfectly.
  • Semi crepe: Check out Koskii’s semi-crepe printed sarees and create a fresh fashion vibe with unique prints and patterns.
  • Organza: Organza sarees have been a popular choice among women of all ages due to their sleek, glossy look and comfortable feel. Koskii’s organza sarees are printed with alluring floral patterns to offer you a graceful look.

We provide varieties so that there is something for everyone. You can easily choose from these varieties as per the occasion and your comfort.

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Choose From An Array Of Eye-Catchy Printed Sarees

Most of us ladies prefer printed sarees as it comes with infinite options . Have a look at some of these popular types of prints:

  • Kalamkari print sarees: Kalamkari originates from Hyderabad and it has derived its name from the technique used to create these prints. Artisans use a pen to make the floral prints using mordant and dyes.
  • Block print sarees: Block printing is also referred to as hand printing. Craftsmen use an engraved wooden block to make these beautiful, vibrant prints.
  • Floral print sarees: Floral prints are one of the most common designs and the most popular ones. The sarees with floral prints are pretty as well as elegant.
  • Batik print sarees: Artisans use natural dyes and wax to create these prints. You can wear batik-printed sarees in casual as well as formal events.
  • Polka dot print sarees: Polka dot prints bring back the retro era and women love to wear these sarees to make a statement at events.

Discover A Glamorous Collection Of Printed Saree At Koskii

We bring a wide range of printed sarees for you, so you can choose from our extensive collection to achieve a chic minimalistic look!

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Frequently Asked Questions On Printed Sarees

What is the price range of Printed Sarees?

You can find printed sarees at Koskii within the affordable price range of Rs.2000 and Rs.9000.

Are there any deals or discounts on Printed Sarees?

We offer discounts to our customers every now and then. To avail the best deals, you can go through the ongoing offers while placing your order.

What kind of accessories should I pair with a Printed Saree?

You can pair heavy silver jewellery with a lightweight printed saree, whereas you can wear golden accessories with an embellished silk printed saree.