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21 products

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Organza sarees are considered pure silk sarees. Made from a sheer fabric that is woven from silk strands, the process of creating organza is cumbersome and effort intensive. So, whether you buy an organza silk saree or plain saree, know that you are supporting a whole cottage industry of artisans who’ve practiced their craft for years.

In the vast selection of sarees meant for festivals or special occasions, organza has remained a favourite for years. So, how do you choose the organza that matches your style? More importantly, how do you choose an organza saree online? Read on for all the uncensored tips on finding the perfect organza saree.

The modern designer organza sarees take traditional forms of weaving and embroidery and blends them with modern design sensibilities to give you literal pieces of art in wearable form.

Explore Organza Sarees Online At The Best Price

If you are looking for an organza saree, you can browse through the collection at Koskii. Finding the perfect organza saree that matches your vibe is important, as is finding a saree that fits your budget.

The budget range for organza sarees falls a little higher than other sarees because of the effort that goes into creating it. But the feeling of wearing a soft piece of traditional handicraft never goes out of style. The best way to find one online is to browse Koskii’s online catalogue to find the organza saree that fits your occasion and your budget.

Buy Organza Saree By Type

Buying an organza saree requires that you know what kind of saree will look nice on you. And that you know how you wear it. Are organza sarees difficult to drape? The answer is no, but given how soft and malleable the material is, getting your pleats to stay pleated will take some practice.

There are different types of organza sarees suitable for a range of festivals or special occasions. They are listed below:

  • Organza sarees for festivals – Festivals are a time of great celebration in India—the perfect occasion for those fancy organza sarees that are bright and colourful. Festive sarees are typically adorned with classy embroidery and embellishments in traditional motifs, the kind that looks grand on organza.
  • Organza sarees for daytime occasions – Subtle pastel sarees with a light dusting of shimmer and sparkle are perfect for those celebrations that take place while the sun is still up. Floral organza sarees with bold borders are the perfect designer saree to brighten up those special occasions.
  • Organza sarees for wedding occasions – Organza sarees with embroidery are perfect as bridal wear. Exotic, pretty, and picture-perfect for posterity when photo or video graphed, these sarees will make you feel like a queen on the most important day of your life.
  • Organza sarees for wedding guests – For wedding guests, designer organza sarees with their shimmer and shine are the perfect accompaniment to any wedding. Plain coloured sarees with a touch of embroidery and embellishments or printed organza is the way to go for wedding attendees.
  • Organza sarees for everyday wear – For daily wear when you need a touch of glamour and a whole lot of comfort, organza tissue sarees offer the perfect blend. A simple saree with prints and a contrast blouse is just what the day requires.

Whatever the occasion, you will find an organza saree that is perfect. The sheer lustrous fabric with its natural sheen looks great with embroidery or plain. A simple organza saree with a richly embroidered border looks exquisite and sophisticated.

Buy Organza Saree By Colour

Second to the texture and feel of organza are the multitude of colours in which it is available. From subtle pastels to vibrant dark shades, organza adds a certain sheer quality to the colours making them seem almost translucent and ethereal. Therefore, it is important to wear the right petticoat with an organza saree. Satin petticoats are the best option to wear as they offer adequate coverage and contribute to the silky sheen of organza.

  • White: There’s something unique about a white organza saree. Wispy with tendrils of angelic fairy dust, white sarees with printed floral motifs are perfect for any daytime occasion. Paired with a sleeveless blouse, you will look like a vision.
  • Black: While black is a colour that is often not worn for special occasions, a black organza saree fits right in on the acceptable colour spectrum. Bold yet ethereal because of its sheer quality, a black organza saree with a bit of sequins and thread work is both sophisticated and charming.
  • Yellow: Organzas shine when it comes to brighter colours. A yellow organza saree with red prints or multicoloured thread work is the perfect addition to your wardrobe for any daytime occasion. A richer yellow can also be worn for nighttime occasions as it will shimmer like pure gold.
  • Pink: There are a variety of pinks available, from a baby pink organza saree to a bold hot pink colour, organzas carry them all well. A pink organza saree with sequins and zariwork is a beautiful sight, that is perfect for an ethnic day at the office or a colleagues wedding reception.

Tips On Styling Your Organza Saree

Since organzas are sheer in fabric quality, your blouse plays an important role in the overall look. The same coloured blouse or a fashionable one is what is called for when wearing an organza saree. The blouse will need to stand on its own especially when you wear designer organza sarees that require a blouse that is suitable.

Also, how you drape the pallu is important. Given the exquisite way the organza fabric falls, pallus that are free-flowing look better than ones that are pleated and pinned.

Also, keep your accessories to a minimum as the Organza saree itself has a shine and luster on its own. Choker-style necklaces pair well with organzas as do big chunky bangles. High hairdos, like a messy bun, also look gorgeous with these sarees as nothing needs to interfere with the saree itself.

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