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The Bandhani saree can be considered the luckiest of all sarees. Superstitiously believed to be holy and auspicious in the region of its immense po... More

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3 products

Bandhani sarees Price List

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Rani Pink Zari & Sequins Work Raw Silk Saree Rs. 4,490
Yellow Bandhani Satin Designer Saree Rs. 3,192
Yellow Bandhani Gotapatti Georgette Saree Rs. 3,490

Buy Bandhani Sarees Online

When you search for a Bandhani saree online, you may not see how much skill has gone into creating that design. The Bandhani saree is painstakingly produced with skilled artisans hand plucking the fabric at regular intervals to create the ‘tied’ parts before dyeing it. So, if you wonder why the Bandhani saree price is higher than expected, know that several hours of work have gone into creating it.

What are Bandhani Sarees?

The name ‘Bandhani’ comes from the word ‘banda’ which means to secure or tie. That description perfectly fits the process of creating the tie-dye designs that Bandhani is famous for. At Koskii, we have an immense appreciation for the craftsmanship and skill it requires to create it.

Varieties of Bandhani Sarees Available

If you love Bandhani sarees, you must consider buying different types of them to ensure you have one for every mood or occasion. From the heavy Bandhani saree rich with embroidery to the colourful one, there’s certainly a saree for every event in your life.

Heavily Embroidered Bandhani Sarees:

If you think a Bandhani saree will be plain and simple because of the tie-dye fabric, think again. You can buy a designer Bandhani saree rich in zari embroidery and studded with sequins for that perfect look. These kinds of heavy work Bandhani saree is everything you need to applaud your rich heritage while making a style statement.

Prints Bandhani Sarees:

A Bandhani print saree uses contemporary prints with traditional Bandhani fabric for the most interesting results. Nothing says ‘stylish’ more than this type of Bandhani saree.

Bandhani Silk Sarees:

A Bandhani silk saree is a great addition to your wardrobe for those occasions where you want to dazzle. Rich with heritage and traditions, this ensemble is the saree you want to wear to stand out in a crowd.

Bandhani Georgette Sarees:

A georgette Bandhani saree is both fashionable and easy on the pocket. When you look for sarees that will last a lifetime, think of these sarees. They’re easy to maintain, look fresh and new for years, and offer various styling options.

Bandhani Chiffon Sarees:

A Bandhani chiffon saree is the most versatile saree you can wear. From semi-formal occasions to everyday wear, these sarees are ready for action and will scintillate everywhere.

In addition to material, you will find many types of bandhani sarees in a riot of colours. The red Bandhani saree is probably the most popular and versatile. Found with yellow, green, or blue highlights, this saree can be worn to any function. The green Bandhani saree comes in a variety of colours. Light greens are normally paired with darker colour highlights, while dark greens are paired with lighter highlights.

The yellow Bandhani saree offers a wide scope of wearability. This saree will dress you up well from a semi-formal function to a party at home. The blue Bandhani saree is both pleasing to the eye and alluring simultaneously. The pink Bandhani saree is ultra-feminine and will suit any skin-tone.

Check Out the Following Factors While Selecting a Bandhani Saree for You

While purchasing a Bandhani saree online, you must focus on a few things to find the perfect piece that complements your charm. With Koskii, you will come across a variety of styles and designs in Bandhani saree to cater to your fashion preference flawlessly.

Choose the Fabric Wisely

Fashion apparel is not only about style and designs; your comfort matters a lot when you are decking up in traditional wear. At Koskii, you will find Bandhani sarees in soft and lightweight fabrics like satin, georgette, art silk, etc., for a comfortable styling option anytime.

Focus on the Colour Palette

Known for its vibrant colour palettes, a Bandhani saree can prepare you flawlessly for any occasion. Koskii’s huge collection of Bandhani saree includes soulful colours like purple, rani pink, yellow, peacock blue, and more.

Bandhani Patterns and Designs

Due to their varied motifs and designs, the detailed tie and dye patterns on heavy Bandhani sarees look mesmerising. You can browse Koskii’s online store to explore Bandhani sarees designed in classic dots to traditional motifs.

Shop for Authentic Bandhani Sarees at Koskii

If you are looking for a Bandhani silk saree at the best prices, you must check out Koskii’s collection at least once. Our online and offline stores are flooded with an exquisite range of Bandhani sarees to offer you the perfect ethnic vibe flawlessly. From skin-friendly fabrics to bright colour palettes, our Bandhani saree collection has everything to fulfil your diverse fashion needs.

Latest Fashion Trend - Bandhani Designs

The timeless charm of a Bandhani saree turns more attractive with its fusion of modern elements. The latest Bandhani saree trends include intricate motifs and the traditional tie and dye technique to exude a distinctive appeal. Moreover, Koskii offers Bandhani sarees in muted shades like mehendi, peach, etc., for a modern vibe.

Why Choose Bandhani Sarees for Your Special Days

Bandhani sarees are known for their traditional importance for ages. If you are planning to create an ethnic look while maintaining simplicity, these sarees are a perfect pick. Being lightweight and elegant, these sarees can be worn on formal, casual, and traditional occasions. Moreover, with Koskii’s craftsmanship and assurance, you can create an ethnic and trendy look in a Bandhani saree.

Style Your Bandhani Saree in Simple and Quirky Ways

Fashion enthusiasts always try to create some unique style with traditional ensembles to exude grace and sophistication at its best.

Here are some of the easiest tricks to style your Bandhani saree like a diva:

  • Try modern draping styles to add a chic appeal to your Bandhani saree look. You can also add accessories like a belt and collared blouse to don the model look effortlessly.
  • Wear matching jewellery like ear studs or a fashionable neckpiece for a contemporary appeal.
  • Keep your hairstyle simple with a messy bun or soft curls, and try a subtle makeup look as per your choice.

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