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105 products

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Apart from party wear sarees being a nod to all things Indian, wearing them also makes perfect sense. They are utterly flattering and tailor-made for the Indian woman’s physique. The most elegant partywear sarees enable a woman to flaunt her curves and hide her flab, should she need to.

Apart from that, they are also lightweight and allow easy movement. The best saree for party wear catches the twinkling of lights and keeps admiring looks coming your way.

Choosing The Right Party Wear Sarees At Koskii

With our wide range of Fancy sarees, you will likely find a partywear saree that matches your style.

Here’s how you can choose a saree that will give match your steps as you go from party to party:

  • Based on your needs: The latest designer party wear sarees are stylish and comfortable, with a flair for the flamboyant. If you prioritize comfort over everything else, choose a lightweight saree that makes it easy to move around all day. On the other hand, if you want a combination of everything, choose a party wear saree that feels comfortable yet is made from a heavier material or has heavier embroidery for added effect.
  • Based on material: Saree material is a varied list that includes some of the most popular types available today. From silks to chiffon and even net, Bollywood designer party wear sarees are made from materials that shine in the spotlight.
    • To silk or not to silk: It seems necessary to dwell on this material a little more because silk is a popular party attire. If you want a soft silk party wear saree that reflects light well, you need a zari woven silk fabric. Nothing says ‘party’ more than silk fabric, however, that is not the only fabric you could wear to a party. Some of the newer fabrics are budget-friendly and long-lasting.
  • Based on work: Depending on the material you select, the work that goes onto the partywear saree should be your next consideration. For example, organza saree, party wear sarees in net, and even silk look fantastic with zari embroidery. At the same time, chiffon sarees look perfect in mirror work. You may also consider embroidery sarees
  • Based on prints: A recent partywear saree trend is to use prints instead of embroidery or embellishments. This ensures the saree has a contemporary vibe rather than a classic one. A printed party wear saree gives you more party feels than a traditionally embroidered saree does. You may also like - Floral Saree.
  • Based on the occasion: A chiffon party wear saree is perfect no matter where you wear it. However, a silk party saree could look a tad overdressed if your event is a homely afternoon get-together. Depending on the embellishments added, net sarees could look overdressed unless it is a nighttime event.
  • Based on the time of day: Choose a party saree based on the time of your event. Night-time events call for more light-reflecting sarees, while day-time events demand simpler ones. A net party wear saree is something that every woman must have in her closet for those occasions that occur suddenly, leaving her with no time to prepare for them.
  • Party Wear Sarees Based on the amount of embroidery: A fun, family party may not require as much embroidery and embellishments as a formal party. A heavy designer party wear saree with a lot of embroidery is perfect for those occasions that demand it, while simpler sarees with self-embroidery will be more appropriate for more casual parties.
  • Party Wear Sarees Based on colour: The best elegant party wear sarees are those that look fabulous on you. And the easiest way to do that? Find sarees that match your skin tone well. If you are warm-toned, opt for yellow partywear sarees. This will ensure that the saree brightens your face and makes your skin glow. Also, have some staples in your wardrobe that match all skin tones, such as a black party wear saree. This is perfect for nighttime parties. Or get yourself a red partywear saree that is universally accepted at all Indian events. A white party wear saree is necessary as it gives you an ethereal look that is hard to match with any other colour.

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