Mirror Work Lehenga Choli

There are lehengas, and then there is the glistening mirror work lehenga that reflects your fire and passion. Bound to be a favourite at the weddin... More

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7 products

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Grey Mirrorwork Tissue Readymade Lehenga-Koskii
Grey Mirrorwork Tissue Readymade Lehenga
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Multi Mirrorwork Banarasi Readymade Lehenga-Koskii
Multi Mirrorwork Banarasi Readymade Lehenga
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Celebrate with A Glittering Mirror Work Lehenga Choli

What sets a mirror lehenga apart? There’s something about mirrors surrounded by embroidery that fascinates us. Maybe it resonates with our childlike fascination with the art form, or maybe it beckons to our inherited love for this type of embellishment—whatever it is, wearing a mirror work lehenga choli is something we’ve collectively fallen in love with. It is an utterly beautiful sight to see thread embroidery weaving its way around cutouts of mirror magic.

Like an unending story of passion and desire. What better outfit to wear to your wedding, right? A mirror lehenga not only reflects your style quotient, it also ensures that you are supporting an art form that was discovered and worn by our ancestors. There’s nothing like wearing a bit of charming history on your big day, right?

Buying The Perfect Mirror Work Lehenga

When purchasing the perfect mirror work lehenga, you need to ensure you buy the design and pattern that suits you. Choose the right design based on the occasion for which you are wearing it. The mirror lehenga has a number of variations based on regions, styles, colours that affect its design and price.

Mirror work lehengas by region

The art form was found in India around the 13th century, introduced to us by the Mughals. While mirror work is widely available throughout the country, it is predominated in Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Haryana. This area is responsible for the creation of most of the mirror work that’s available in India presently.

  • Gujarat: Mirror work originated in the Kutch region of Gujarat, and is commonly called, Sheesha. The Gujarati mirror work lehenga celebrates this traditional art form that is, even today, painstakingly done by hand. Bright colours, multicoloured thread embroidery, and geometric patterns characterize this style.
  • Rajasthan: Mirror work in Rajasthan reflects the traditional Balochi style that features flower petals and leaves. The result is stunning. If you want a Rajasthani mirror work lehenga, buy online for the best choices.

Mirror work lehengas by style

The amount of mirror work you have on your ensemble varies based on the design. A simple mirror work lehenga may have mirror work only on the waistband or the blouse. While a richly embroidered lehenga will have mirror work everywhere. Choose the mirror work style based on the occasion you are attending.

  • For weddings: Nothing less than a heavy mirror work lehenga is suitable for a bride. You will be the center of attention, and your lehenga has to carry the responsibility of that privilege. Wearing a gorgeous mirror work ensemble with intricate designs is perfect for a bridal lehenga.
  • For functions and parties: A simple mirror work lehenga is perfect for that birthday party, or a wedding anniversary celebration. It has the right amount of glamour, yet is styled well for a party at home. Be the perfect host or the life of the party in your glamorous mirror work lehenga.
  • For festive celebrations: Nothing says ‘celebrations’ more than a multicolour mirror work lehenga. Imagine multiple threads weaving a story of devotion and tradition, a pleasing and beautiful offering. Diwali celebrations with its focus on light are the perfect occasion for charming mirror work.
  • For any occasion: Ethnic day at the office? Why not wear a georgette mirror work lehenga that is sophisticated yet works hard to make the right impression. The perfect ethnic wear, it is lightweight and easy to wear throughout the day. This ensemble is sure to make you unmissable.

Mirror work lehengas by colours

The beauty of a mirror work lehenga is that the fabric is often plain-coloured to ensure it provides the perfect background for the mirror work to shine.

  • A white mirror work lehenga with multicoloured embroidery and mirror work is both simple and sophisticated.
  • A pink mirror work lehenga or a yellow mirror work lehenga are both perfect for daytime functions like a mehendi or haldi. Both colours ensure the mirror work shines effortlessly.
  • A blue mirror work lehenga offers a glittering open sky of possibilities, especially for night-time functions.
  • While a black mirror work lehenga is sophistication personified no matter what time of day you wear it.