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The net saree has transitioned from daily wear to bridal and even festive wear in recent years. Looking to buy a designer net saree that matches yo... More

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44 products

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Off White Sequins Net Saree Rs. 4,990
Onion Pink Sequins Net Saree Rs. 4,990
Lavender Sequins Net Saree Rs. 7,490
Pista Green Sequins Net Saree Rs. 7,490
White Sequins Net Saree Rs. 7,490
Sky Blue Sequins Net Saree Rs. 7,490
Magenta Pink Sequins Net Saree Rs. 6,990
Black Sequins Net Saree Rs. 6,990

Explore Trendy Collection of Net Saree Designs

Net sarees are a fashionista’s delight. Like pure silk sarees, netted sarees offer the perfect backdrop for intricate embroidery and embellishments, precisely what you need for that designed look. Net saree designs are particularly partial to creative designs and fun elements. They can be accurate reflections of your creative soul and inner diva.

In addition, net sarees don’t easily fade, embellishments adhere to them, giving you plenty of design options, and they can be styled creatively.

A netted saree is a failsafe option that you can wear during the day or the night, for everyday wear or special occasions. They are truly versatile and a must-have option for every woman’s wardrobe.

Buy Netted Saree Online At The Best Price

When you think of net sarees, do you think of sheer lace-like material in fun colours? You’d be correct, but a designer net saree can come with complete end-to-end embroidery in the same or different colours. It can look spectacular with sequins and cutdana embellishments, and much more.

There are no limits to how gorgeous a net saree can look. The best way to buy one is to browse through the variety of net sarees available on Koskii so that you can find something that speaks to you and falls within your budget.

Find The Perfect Colour In Net Sarees Online

Net sarees come in a variety of colours and styles. Choosing the right netted saree depends on various factors, including the occasion to which you plan to wear it, the time of day, your fashion personality, and more.

Here are some colour options from which you can choose:

  • Black: Black net sarees are universally appealing. Traditionally, the colour meant bad luck and was not worn for festive or celebratory occasions. However, that mindset is changing as even brides wear black designer net sarees for their reception. Of course, the colour provides the best background for scintillating sequins, zari, cutdana work, and more.
  • Red: India’s favourite colour for weddings and celebrations looks fantastic when it comes to red net sarees. The rich colour looks ethereal in net material, especially when worn with a satin petticoat of the same colour. Even without embellishments, this party wear net saree is ready for the limelight.
  • White: The white net saree looks appealing because of its translucency. The ensemble is hard to miss when worn with a contrast-coloured blouse, a chunky oxidized statement necklace, and earrings. White also looks great as a net embroidery saree as it has a lace-like quality that is in vogue today.
  • Pink: Net sarees look especially appealing in pastels. A pink net saree is probably the best version of a net saree that can be worn for festive occasions or as bridal wear. Paired with silver jewellery and resplendent with silver sequins and threadwork, this version of the net saree is ready for the party. Explore: Festive Saree

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