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The gorgeous Banarasi saree is a must-have addition to every fashionista’s ethnic wardrobe or bridal trousseau. The best saree in India epitomizes ... More

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Buy Banarasi Sarees Online At Koskii

The Banarasi silk saree is one of India’s purest silk sarees available in the market today. The rich brocade work and softest silks make the Banarasi saree one of the most sought-after ethnic wear for special occasions. It is perfect for those events in your life that call for something a little more than extraordinary. This is why a pure Banarasi saree is often part of a bridal trousseau.

Wearing silk sarees at a wedding is a joy, but wearing Banarasi silk is the highlight of every girl’s dream. However, with an expensive price tag, you want to ensure that your Banarasi saree price fits within your budget.

If the Banarasi saree price appears daunting, online shopping discounts will help you find the perfect saree that matches your style and budget.

How to Buy Banaras Sarees For Women At Best Price

It is essential that you buy your Banarasi from a reputed store so that you get authentic pieces that are worthy of the Banarasi saree price that you paid for it. While these types of sarees are not cheap, they are certainly an investment you can pass down to the next generation. Here are the best ways to select the perfect Banarasi saree:

Choose your Banarasi saree based on the occasion

When you shop at Koskii, you can browse through Banarasi sarees online with price and by occasion.

  • Banarasi Sarees For weddings: If you are a bride, you can wear a wedding Banarasi saree for your Haldi, Mehendi, or reception functions.
  • Banarasi Sarees For regular wear: Did you know daily wear Banarasi sarees are also a fashion statement? Spice things up at work on an ethnic day or while at lunch with your girlfriends.
  • Banarasi Sarees For special occasions: Birthday party coming up? Why not dress up in a party wear Banarasi saree that will make heads turn! There’s nothing like wearing ethnic wear for special occasions.

Choose your Banarasi saree by material and fabric

Looking to buy Banarasi sarees online with price tags that fit your budget? Look no further than Koskii.

  • Silk saree: Our Banarasi silk sarees are the finest silk you can ever wear. The smoothness and lightness of the fabric will keep you comfortable while giving an opulent look to your ensemble.
  • Ultra-luxe silk saree: Did you know there are grades to Banarasi silks? The most luxurious of them in our store is Katan or Banarasi soft silk saree that is more flexible to wear than any other fabric.
  • Cotton silk saree: If a cotton blend is more your style, choose from our Banarasi cotton silk sarees that are the perfect combination of style and comfort.

Choose your Banarasi saree by colour

Go bold or pastel with Koskii’s wide range of Banarasi sarees. Select from a range of colours that will match every skin tone.

  • Blue: If the colour of the sky is the perfect shade for you, you should shop our collection of blue Banarasi sarees, available in different tones and a variety of embroideries.
  • Pink: Wearing pink is a style statement that brings out your inner diva. A pink Banarasi saree is both bright and subtle at the same time.
  • Green: If red is India’s favourite colour, green is our second favourite. Shop our collection of lush green Banarasi sarees online or in-store.
  • Golden: The ultimate in party wear, our golden Banarasi saree is a treat for the eyes. Subtle yet royalty in a saree, our golden sarees provide the perfect backdrop for intricate zari embroidery.

If your wardrobe contains even a few sarees, you need a Banarasi saree to complete it. There’s nothing quite as perfect and luxurious as these types of sarees that marry traditional craftsmanship with modern sensibilities.

When you talk style, Banarasi sarees are unmatched. From the heavily embroidered borders to the exquisite work on the saree pallu, the quality of a Banarasi saree is unequal.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Banarasi Sarees

How to buy a Banarasi saree online?

Browse Koskii’s online store for the latest collection of Banarasi sarees and place your order accordingly. You will find an array of colourful Banarasi sarees in various price segments to fit every budget.

Is the Banarasi silk saree washable?

It is better to avoid hand washing your Banarasi saree to maintain its quality and shine. Instead, you can opt for a dry wash to keep the Banarasi sarees maintained for years.

Which Colour is best for the Banarasi saree?

You can choose a Banarasi saree in any colour as per your preference. Every colour looks graceful when worn with the right jewellery and makeup. At Koskii you will find Banarasi sarees in peach, wine, purple, bottle green, and many more colours.