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48 products

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Everywhere you look these days, you see gorgeous lehengas. In the past, Indian women wore ethnic wear on important occasions. From celebrating festivals to weddings, the lehenga was the crowning jewel of the Indian fashion scene. Thanks to several Bollywood blockbuster movies that popularized the lehenga choli for women, today, the lehenga still occupies the top spot.

At Koskii, we pride ourselves on anticipating fashion trends and customer needs and have a wide range of lehengas that truly delight our customers. You can find lehengas that suit your style and budget range easily.

The flared skirt and designer blouse emphasize curves and hide flaws in the right way, the lehenga choli for women is a stunning piece of ethnic fashion. This versatile ensemble can be worn for a variety of occasions, from weddings and festivals to more formal events like parties and receptions. And because they come in a wide range of sizes and styles, they can be worn by women of all ages and body types.

If you're looking for a traditional yet stylish wardrobe addition, a lehenga is a perfect choice. With its elegant design, intricate handiwork, and wide range of styles and sizes, it's sure to make you look and feel your best for any special occasion

What Is A Lehenga?

A lehenga choli is a three-piece ensemble worn by women. Extremely popular among the young and trendy, the lehenga offers uber-chic style and maximum comfort. It consists of:

  • Lehenga: an ankle-length skirt that has either embroidery, prints, or embellishments on it or a combination of all three. 
  • Choli: a blouse with similar embroidery, prints or embellishments as the lehenga.
  • Dupatta: an uncut piece of cloth that compliments the lehenga and choli in colour and design. 

What are the different types of Indian Lehenga Designs?

Of course, there are many variations to the classic lehenga today. Lehengas became popular in India after the Mughals began to rule the country in the 10th century. According to history, the lehengas of that period were made from pure gold and silver threads that only the royal class could afford. In contrast, the lehenga designs worn by regular people were embellished with mirror work or simple thread embroidery instead.

From lehenga designs for women that were heavy, ornate, and impractical to the classy beauties we have today, the lehengas have evolved over the years. Koskii has an extensive collection of Indian lehenga dresses that can suit any budget. Buy your lehenga choli online at Koskii. From simple lehenga designs to more complex and intricate ones, Indian lehengas come in many options today.

Here are some of the types of designer lehenga choli you will find today.

  • A-Line Lehenga - The much-loved A-Line Lehenga presents a skirt designed narrow at the waist and widening at the base in an A-shape. Free of pleats and ideal for showcasing intricate embroidery works.
  • Pleated Lehenga - The Pleated Lehenga chalks charisma with its pleat-enriched skirt that flares out beautifully. Perfect for dance enthusiasts, it pairs well with floral patterns and embroidery.
  • Sharara Lehenga - Evoking comfort and glamour, the Sharara Lehenga replaces the traditional skirt with sharara pants and partners well with handwork embellished kurtas or trendy crop tops.
  • Fishtail Lehenga - The Fishtail Lehenga, body-hugging till the knees and flaring below, creates a unique fishtail silhouette. The ideal attire to flaunt your curves with a tailored blouse.
  • Train Lehenga - Channel your inner princess with our Train Lehenga; with a lengthy trail, it's designed to make you feel like royalty wherever you ascend.
  • Layered Lehenga - The Layered Lehenga, featuring a multi-layered flared skirt, adds a modern spin, making it the perfect choice for an evening of dance and celebration.
  • Circular Lehenga - The Circular Lehenga comes alive as you twirl, its uniquely tapered skirt forming a circular flare. Perfect for dandiya dance parties, sangeet events, and weddings.
  • Straight Cut Lehenga - The drama-free, elegantly designed Straight Cut Lehenga with a linear skirt shines on formal occasions. Pairs outstandingly with heavy embroidery for a timeless look.
  • Ghagra choli - Another form of lehenga choli design is the ghagra choli. Differentiated by the number of folds or creases from the waistband, the ghagra is fuller while the lehenga is more fitted.
  • Lacha - Here, the choli lehenga has a long jacket or top that comes down to the knees over the skirt.

Best Occasions To Wear A Lehenga

Every occasion comes with a different vibe and mood, influencing your fashion statement vividly. Thus, Koskii offers you variedly styled lehenga for different occasions. From festivals to parties and weddings to ethnic functions, Koskii’s collection fits every requirement.

  • Lehengas for Weddings: Koskii has an expansive range of bridal lehenga to match the wedding ritual of every religion. Create a stellar look in zari work raw silk lehenga and make your groom’s heart skip a beat at your enticing appeal.
  • Lehengas for Engagements: Want to create an elegant look for your engagement party? Choose a gorgeous sequin work lehenga for engagement from our exquisite range and make a dramatic entry like a Bollywood diva.
  • Lehengas for Festivals: Women want to create a stunning look for every festival to flood their Instagram account with sensational posts. With Koskii’s lehenga choli, you are sure to turn heads at every festival with your flawless beauty. Be it Diwali or Holi / Navratri or Baisakhi, at Koskii, you will find a perfect lehenga for every festival.
  • Lehengas for Reception: Modern brides tend to create a trendy fashion statement at their reception parties. With Koskii’s Reception lehenga, you can perfectly maintain the modern vibe without compromising our traditional culture.  

Shop Lehenga by Occasion: Haldi Lehenga | Sangeet Lehenga | Cocktail Lehenga | Lehenga For Mehndi | Party Wear Lehenga | New Arrival Lehenga

Explore Koskii’s Mesmerizing Designer Lehengas in Captivating Colours

Colours can create magic with their vibrancy and sheen, exuding the resplendence of a lehenga. Thus, Koskii brings you a varied shade of lehengas to choose from. Whether you want vibrant colours for festivals and weddings or muted shades for glamorous parties, Koskii got you covered. 

  • Mesmerising Pink for a Soulful Look: Koskii offers multiple shades of pink lehenga choli with a dupatta to add a perfect ethnic vibe to your overall look. You can pick a rani pink lehenga for sangeet night or a baby pink outfit for a reception party and flaunt your graceful appeal impeccably.
  • Bright Yellow for a Glowing Appeal: How about decking up in a yellow lehenga with pink floral imprints and detailed thread work on the borders and choli for your function? You are sure to exude an alluring charm with this vibrant shade and classy appeal. Koskii also offers mustard lehenga in sequin and cutdana work for a chic appearance.
  • Soothing Sky-Blue for a Soft Look: The sky-blue shade of lehenga has its own impressive appeal that lies within the subtle hue of this colour. You can style your festive look with a blue lehenga choli designed with splendid zari work for a traditional vibe.
  • Muted Green for a Nude Look: Want to create an Instagram-worthy posh appeal with a designer lehenga? Check out Koskii’s green lehenga in jacket style to create a sensational look. The muted green shade when designed with delicate thread work can create a majestic appeal with its sophistication and grace.

Different Fabrics for Luxurious And Affordable Lehengas Designs

The alluring look of a lehenga definitely creates a charming appeal, but you must consider the fabrics before purchasing one. Koskii boasts premium quality fabrics for each of their lehenga and offers you a trendy and comfortable look.

Here is some of our statement fabric collection for lehenga cholis:

  • Raw Silk Lehenga: When crafted in raw silk, lehengas offer a charming appeal with their dramatic flow and cascading fall. Koskii uses authentic raw silk to craft their lehengas and offers a regal appeal to your entire look.
  • Georgette: Being lightweight, this fabric is mostly preferred by fashion enthusiasts for any ethnic outfit. It offers a perfect silhouette in every design and can be worn across all seasons comfortably. Shop georgette lehengas from Koskii and create your comfortable fashion statement.
  • Velvet: With its rich texture and lustrous sheen, a velvet lehenga offers a sophisticated look. Create your dream look of a royal princess with Koskii’s spectacular range of lehengas in colourful velvet.
  • Tissue: The semi-transparent look, soft texture, and lightweight feel of a tissue lehenga are sure to exude your feminine charm impeccably. Shop from Koskii’s stylish range of lehengas crafted with tissue and create a unique fashion quotient effortlessly.

Steps to Purchase Women's Lehenga Online

Buying a designer lehenga choli that suits you and matches your fashion sensibilities and wallet is not an easy task. However, from the vast collection of lehenga choli designs available, here are some ways to select your perfect lehenga.

Lehenga Selection Based on Occasion:

The first thing you must consider when buying a designer lehenga online is the function or event for which you will wear it. As you can see, Koskii’s lehengas are suitable for a variety of different occasions. From bridal to birthday, we’ve got the lehengas you want. Lehengas can either be made from lightweight fabrics, such as silk, cotton, georgette, crepe, and net, or heavy fabrics such as velvet. One of the specialities of this attire is the intricate handiwork that adorns each lehenga.

From exquisite embroidery and beadwork to shimmering embellishments, several skilled artisans work on a single lehenga to ensure it carries the glorious traditions of our ancestors. This attention to detail results in ensembles that are exquisitely one-of-a-kind and that are sure to make a statement. Do you need a bridal lehenga? Or a lehenga for a wedding? Or a bridesmaids lehenga? Or do you require a lehenga for Diwali or a festival that will be as grand as a bridal lehenga but more comfortable? Occasion-based lehengas vary based on the amount of embroidery on them, the material used, and their grandeur.

Selecting Lehenga Designs According to Body Type:

Indian lehengas online come in a wide variety of designs. For example, you can wear a crop top as a choli or a ruffled dupatta instead of a normal one. 

Certain lehengas flatter specific body types. For example,

  • Apple-shaped body shapes work well with wide-flared lehengas as they accentuate the waist.
  • Peplum tops help keep things well hidden.
  • A-line lehengas work better for wide hips.
  • Lots of embroidery on the lehenga helps balance out proportions in strawberry-shaped bodies.

Finding a lehenga choli design that matches your style is very important. Rather than following a particular fashion trend, choose an ensemble that is trendy and suits your style.

Shopping for Embroidered or Embellished Lehengas:

Are you partial to zari work, gota patti, or multi-coloured thread embroidery? Do you love the shimmery effects of cut dana or mirrorwork? While this comes down to personal style, finding a lehenga that has work that suits and delights you will make you love your Indian lehenga choli for women even more.

Material Selection for Lehenga Choli:

The latest lehenga designs come in a variety of materials. From traditional silk lehenga to trendy velvet, finding the right material that will keep you comfortable and cool or warm as per your requirements is essential. Moreover, the material used in the lehenga is significant as it will determine how the lehenga will flow, what colour works best with that material, and more.

Choosing The Latest & Trendy Lehenga Colour Combinations:

Choosing the right colour combination for your lehenga is essential to making a statement and looking your best. The latest and trendy colour combinations for lehengas include pastel shades, jewel tones, and monochromatic looks.

Consider pairing a soft pink or lavender lehenga with silver or gold accents for a romantic and ethereal look. Or, choose a bold and dramatic combination, such as a gold lehenga paired with a black blouse, for a modern and sophisticated look.

Choosing Between Semi-Stitched, Unstitched, and Ready-to-Wear Lehenga:

When it comes to selecting a lehenga, you have three main options: semi-stitched, unstitched, or ready-to-wear. Semi-stitched lehengas are partially sewn and require some tailoring, while unstitched lehengas come with the fabric and trims and must be stitched. Ready-to-wear lehengas are already stitched and ready to wear, making them the most convenient option.

Consider factors such as time, budget, and level of customization before making your decision. If you have unusual body proportions, a semi-stitched may be better to get a svelt, fitted look. If you have a specific design in mind, an unstitched lehenga will help you bring your idea to life.

Buying a lehenga choli online can be a daunting task. So, shop at Koskii, where you will find lehenga designs that captivate you at prices that will make you smile. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Lehengas

Which type of fabric is best for lehenga?

When it comes to occasion-wear lehengas, silk, cotton, georgette, chiffon, net, and velvet are some of the best fabrics to choose from. Each fabric has its own unique properties, and some are better suited to different occasions and seasons. Silk is luxurious and perfect for formal occasions, cotton blends are highly breathable and comfortable for summer, velvet is perfect for winter, and georgette, chiffon, and net are lightweight options suitable for any season. If you are wearing the lehenga for a sangeet function, choose something lightweight that will enable you to move easily. Your reception lehenga must look dramatic and gorgeous. So choose the fabric that carries embroidery and embellishments best while looking fabulous under lights.

What is the perfect length of a lehenga?

The perfect length of a lehenga can vary depending on the occasion and personal preference. A floor-length lehenga is traditional and suitable for formal events, while a just-above-the-ankle lehenga enables better mobility. Your height and body shape should be considered while choosing the length of the lehenga.

Which type of lehengas is in trend now?

Currently, fusion lehengas with Indo-Western styles and contemporary cuts are in trend. Ruffled and asymmetrical hemlines are in vogue as are lehengas with capes. The dhoti-style lehenga and those with statement jackets are also popular. Pastel shades are extremely trendy this season with floral and geometric embroideries or abstract prints.