Sarees for women were once a traditional way of life. Today, it is a fashion statement. Explore Koskii’s enviable collection of sarees in a variety... More

1148 products

1148 products

Buy Beautiful Sarees For Women Online At Best Prices

Are you looking to buy trendy sarees online while being comfortably seated on your couch? Take advantage of Koskii’s extensive range available online at your fingertips. 

Ornate, traditional, and oh-so-feminine, the saree is the crowning jewel of Indian ethnic fashion. Perfectly at home on the ramp or the streets, the saree for women has traversed through years of history and tradition and is still relevant today. From being handed down through generations to being the first 'grown up' outfit that a girl will wear at her high school graduation ceremony, the saree is a garment that is ever-present in an Indian woman's life.

With over 100 ways to drape a saree, varying across regions and cultures, and multiple types of sarees, there is something for everyone - from the traditionalist to the modern fashionista. Shop online at Koskii for a wide range of sarees, from traditional and plain to vibrant and designer!

Celebrate Festivals in Style – Choose From The Latest Styles At Koskii

Festivals are another occasion where sarees shine. Unlike everyday wear, festivals call for beautiful outfits, like exclusive fancy sarees. Depending on the festival, the type of saree you wear can vary. Banarasi sarees are very popular during Diwali. Crepe sarees are popular all year round, especially during Holi and Dussehra. Silk sarees are popular all year round.

From simple cotton sarees for visits to the temple to rich festive wear in gorgeous red with zari embroidery, sarees are the most stylish offering you can make. At Koskii, we have plenty of beautiful and exclusive sarees available online that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Explore Women’s Designer Sarees For Every Occasion:

Whatever the occasion, there’s an appropriate saree that goes with it. With Koskii's range of the latest sarees online, you can find ethnic wear suitable for any special occasion.

Beautiful Sarees for Weddings:

A party in a neat package, that’s a bridal saree. From gorgeous silk sarees with zari embroidery to ornate georgette sarees and wedding pattu sarees, there are countless choices waiting for your approval.

Decked in the finest Kanjivaram sarees with solid zari borders, a bride can sashay down the aisle to her future with confidence.

Trendy & Stylish Sarees for the Office:

Want a stunning soft silk saree to wear to an office or a formal occasion? We have the largest collection of everyday sarees available online.

Look Stunning in a Traditional Saree:

From pujas to wedding ceremonies, a saree is everything you need to look fantastic.

  • Sarees for Engagement: Simple and elegant georgette sarees are perfect for an engagement ceremony. Find sarees in floral printnet sarees, trendy styles, and more when you shop at Koskii
  • Sarees for Reception: A bride who parties her night way in a net saree with sequins and embroidery is a sight to behold. We have sarees in prints or bold colours that add to a bride’s sparkle. From gold sarees to even green, red, yellow, wine,and pastel sarees bright or bold colours—you will find them all at Koskii. We even have beautiful ombre sarees available for purchase.
  • Sarees for Haldi and Mehendi Ceremonies: From minimalist plain sarees to more elaborate ones, there are sarees to match the mood and the colour requirements of special occasions.

Sarees for Wedding Guests

From the mother of the bride or bridegroom to the sisters, cousins, aunts, and best friends, everyone can have variations of art silk sareesor chiffon sarees.

Whatever the occasion, if you are looking to buy a saree online, you will find what you need at Koskii's wide range of sarees.

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Shop for Eye-Catching Sarees For Women in Every Colour

Many modern sarees have prints in a variety of colours, while formal occasions still follow traditional neutral colours. Here’s a rough guide for what colours are best for different occasions.

  • Red colour sarees are typically worn at weddings and special occasions. The colour for vibrancy, fertility and passion, red sarees are very popular when the wearer wants to make a statement.
  • Blue coloured sarees depict a soothing and peaceful persona.
  • Green colour sarees denote greenery and lushness and are typically worn during harvest festivals.
  • Yellow sarees are typically worn in the daytime and denote light and warmth.
  • Orange-coloured sarees are non-traditional and are again worn during daytime occasions, although darker shades like rust would look great in the evening.
  • Black saree is a classic and suitable for evening parties. It might be considered an inauspicious colour for some ceremonies.
  • Pink sarees are a definite feminine colour and can be worn at any time.
  • White and cream sarees have a spiritual significance in the country and can be worn for multiple occasions.

Shop Koskii’s New Saree Collection Now at Affordable Prices Online

Koskii's wide range of sarees ensures that you find something that suits the occasion and matches your personality. From the type of material used to the colour or the work, our range of sarees includes affordable fashion options. Explore: New Arrival Sarees

Discover the Best Sarees Available at Koskii

Buying the latest sarees online gives you the option of choosing your saree by price, colour, embroidery, occasion or material. While you will have access to a range of sarees across the price spectrum, it is easy to stick to your budget while still getting a premium product at Koskii.

Typically, cotton and art silk sarees are available for as little as a few thousand rupees. The price range increases with the quality of the silk and the more zari embroidery or embellishments added, Given the range available at Koskii, you can easily find a saree within your budget.

In addition, Koskii is dedicated to perfecting your shopping experience online. We have a dedicated personal video shopper option available, as well as store walk-ins. Using our online store, you can shop for your Indian outfit and choose your saree based on detailed descriptions and pictures.

To make up for the absence of that tactile experience, Koskii has ensured the pictures you see of the saree fabric are close-ups and are of the highest resolution so that you know what you are buying and your online shopping experience is a pleasant one.

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Saree Shopping, The Perfect Pre-Wedding Ritual For Women

Weddings are truly celebrated in India. From week-long events to all-day functions, weddings are meant to be grand affairs. The colours, the decorations, the gifts, the menu... everything is chosen with great care and attention to detail. None more so than the bride's wedding outfit.

While traditionally, brides wore red silk sarees to their weddings, that trend has evolved to brides wearing pastel shades or even bold, non-traditional sarees for their weddings. One-of-a-kind sarees with designer blouses are what younger brides are looking for these days.

If you are looking for sarees near you, Koskii has an extensive saree collection devoted to Indian weddings. From rich saree fabrics like silk, the traditional ethnic wedding fashion now includes lace sarees, Kanjivaram sarees, Banarasi silk sarees, and more. The work on bridal sarees includes exquisite zari work, sequins, embroidery, and lace. These sarees for women with heavy work on the hem and pallu ensure the bridal wear turns heads for all the right reasons.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Sarees For Women

Can we buy a saree online?

Yes, you can definitely buy sarees online. Buying a saree is the best piece of clothing you can buy online, as you don’t have to worry about getting the size right. At Koskii, we offer a wide range of beautiful sarees online - from traditional sarees to contemporary designs. Shop today to find the right saree for you!

Which sarees are in fashion now?

It depends on the occasion. For weddings, silk sarees are still in vogue. For everyday wear, cotton, crepe or net sarees suit well. These sarees are lightweight and easy to wear for extended periods of time. In fact, net sarees with the right amount of embroidery will work well for weddings, receptions, engagements or any marriage function.

Why Buy Sarees For Women?

When it comes to Indian women and ethnic Indian wear, nothing else comes close to the saree. Perfectly equipped to handle our curves, the saree drapes around gracefully and flatters every body type. From school to college girls and even the elderly, the saree is a staple in every Indian woman's wardrobe. It brings oodles of style and grace to a woman's presence, whether at home or in an office. When shopping for clothes online, it is hard to get a tailored fit. With Indian sarees, the question of an ill-fitted garment doesn't arise because it is an uncut, unstitched piece of cloth.

How To Drape Sarees The Right Way?

There are several misconceptions about wearing a saree, the chief of which is that it takes hours to put it on. In reality, though, with a little practice, you should be able to learn how to drape a saree in less than 10 minutes. Traditionally, the sari is usually worn by wrapping it around the waist, creating layers and folds. It is tucked into an underskirt or petticoat to keep it secure. 

No, you don't need hundreds of safety pins to keep your saree in place. Leveraging the security of the underskirt will keep your saree in place if you tuck it in properly. The pallu part of the saree is then draped over the left shoulder. Again, different cultures drape the saree differently, and sometimes the pallu is draped over the right shoulder and sometimes over both shoulders. As diverse as our country is, so diverse is our way of wearing the traditional saree. Whatever the occasion, whatever your style of wearing the saree, you will find what you are looking for at Koskii's clothing for women

What should I wear on a saree in winter?

When the temperatures are cooler, wear a coat or shawl over your saree. The fabric should be thick enough to shield you from chilly winds. For lighter winters, a thin turtle neck sweater instead of a saree blouse should suffice.

What are the different types of blouses?

There is a large variety of blouse cuts with unique back and sleeve designs. The Final design depends on your preference and comfort level. You can choose something simple like a round neck, half-sleeve blouse or a puff-sleeved net blouse with intricate embroidery. You could opt for a low or high neck and back. An ornate neck design eliminates the need for a necklace.

Which colour saree is best for evening parties?

Usually a darker colour, such as navy blue or maroon, works best at night. Colours like yellow, rust, and turquoise complements all types of lighting situations. Be mindful of which fabric you are choosing. You could even try metallic colours such as golden, silver, and copper in silk or crepe.

Which saree draping style should I follow?

Depending on your saree fabric, certain styles will work better than others. Usually, the front pleats and pallu over the left shoulder work for every kind of saree. If you want to experiment with different drapes, try using soft silk for a mixture of stiffness and softness. The lehenga drape works gorgeously well with a heavy pattu silk saree.