Winter is always considered magical, and one of the best times to get married. Winter weddings are very beautiful and warm, not because it is the best time in India to get married but you get to experience weddings in a much different way with all the varieties of warm colors, decors, quirky wedding installations, and most importantly unique wedding attires.

So, this time we pick some cool wedding ideas for you to incorporate in upcoming winter wedding…

Ideas that will definitely win your hearts!

1) Alluring vintage spots for the bride & groom

Decorations are always the charm in a wedding. Cozy colorful and quirky decor always steal the attention away. This season let’s get the bride and the groom a cozy place to rest themselves after few hectic rounds with their guests, friends, and family. Stage a vintage spot for both the bride and groom to rest their backs whenever they want to. Get the spot decorated by Mr. & Mrs. signs and old chairs and a vintage table. Creating a  quirky little spot for friends and family to click pictures with the couple and also a subtle place for the couple to relax in between all the wedding frenzies.

2) Winter fairytale theme!

Have winters always been your weakness? And have you always dreamt of getting hitched anytime around this season? If all these questions have only one answer which is a yes, then let’s look for a winter fairytale-type theme and get the decor in pastel colors? Get hold of a decorator who is an expert and understands clearly what you are talking about when you say you want to use a lot of foliages, seasonal flowers, and candles to compliment it with to get that stunning cozy vibe in the wedding.

3) Get a beautiful wedding cake in place

Winter wedding and no cakes, can’t be a good deal right! Let’s make sure that you get an amazing baker in your list and fix your wedding cake matched with the theme of your wedding. Tell the person the exact detailing of what you have in mind for the cake and voila you are home. These days ombre wedding cakes are so much in and they are easily made in different colors according to your theme or you could get red velvets on the table. Remember not to keep it for the last moment as this one will need time.

4)  Winter theme hanging installations

Hanging installations are so much in these days, and especially when we are planning a beautiful winter wedding for you. Let’s get some beautiful orchids, seasonal flowers, candles in glass flasks, hanging chandeliers in place for the decor. Doesn’t it look warm and gorgeous? Make it a point you have your list ready and checked when you get an appointment with your decorator.

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