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05 Things To Do Before You Tie The Knot (Super Essential Bucket List!)

Weddings are always fun and fresh but once you decide to tie the knot, it’s no longer just about you… it’s about the both of you and the respective families.

So, the perfect time span in your life to fulfil your bucket list goals is right now!  This is the most exciting phase in your mind so challenge yourself, and feed your soul with things you love and desire for. Embrace your time now, and live it up! So, when you start your next journey, you will have no regrets to live.

1. Feed your wanderlust

The world is awaiting you with arms wide open! Make bookings and take off for the spontaneous crazy trip that you always wanted to go for. Go backpacking or a spa-retreat to your favourite beach or snorkel it up in Andaman etc. The possibilities for a spectacular memory are endless. Just travel by yourself – stay with strangers, find your groove and enjoy this stage of your life.

2. Learn to DIY

Are you the most pampered one in the house with everything being delivered to you whenever you want? If yes, then you might want to start taking care of tiny little things yourself now by learning different tips and tricks for sorting things out for yourself. With all the wedding frenzies around if you don’t have much time to step out of the house, you could always get yourself into some online DIY’s before you step into a different journey after you get hitched.

All the best ladies!

3. Take the family out for lunches & dinners

Anywhere you go around the world family always comes first no matter how much you fight with or they taunt you. The silken tie of love never ends. Even though you are only marrying him, your and his families will also be bonding a different knot amongst each other and equally be a part of your life.  So, bring both the parties together and let them explore each other before-hand. See how you fare around them and test the waters. Book a table at one of the top restaurant, set the menu and surprise them one fine evening.

4. Commit to some strict weekly ‘you time’

Identify what you really enjoy doing a hobby or passion, and carve out time in your busy weekly schedule to do it. However, small and simple they maybe try doing them. Sometimes the little things in life are the most satisfying, you know. Find your passion and a class you like attending and make this time all yours and super fun filled before it slips out f your hand.

5. Spend time with your family

Make sure you take advantage of any free time you can spare and spend time with those who really care about and matters the most in your life. The family should always come first! So, go out with your mom on that little trip, take her to spas, do anything but be with her because she is the one who will feel your absence when you are gone. Take your sister out to her favourite resort when you have the time. Go karting with your brother over the weekend and sit with your best friend, your father, talk to him about all your worries about the upcoming journey. Tell him all your fears and anxieties like old times and get him something precious that will bring a smile on his face. Make sure you do everything that you want to do to make them feel special before you step out of that door.

This is our pick for the week, for all you beautiful ladies.

Do let us know if you incorporated any of this on your to-do list before your wedding day.

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