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Green Sarees are one of the most popular ensembles when it comes to occasion wear, as it brings vibrancy and joy to any event. Attending a wedding?... More

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212 products

The Art Of Buying A Green Colour Saree At Koskii

When you shop for a green saree, you need to consider the following aspects. Considered the harbinger of good luck and fortune, a green saree is ripe with opportunities for you to wear it. Firstly, the colour. While green is a colour, there are multiple shades of green, and not every skin tone looks lovely in every shade of green.

Secondly, the work on it. Embroidered sarees are perfect pieces of wearable art that must suit your fashion sensibilities. There are different types of green sarees that you can buy at Koskii.

Types Of Green Designer Sarees Available Online At Koskii

At Koskii, we have an extensive range of green sarees, including different shades of green. The most popular ones are:

  • Bottle green saree – A dark and elegant shade, this colour is the perfect ensemble for an evening celebration or party. Dressed in zari embroidery, this colour saree is ideal for a wedding reception or even bridal wear.
  • Dark green saree – Also called forest green, this colour requires sparkly mirror, glasswork, or sequins to add some excitement to its mysteriousness.
  • Pista green saree – A fun, light shade of green, this colour plays well with brighter shades like pinks, yellows, and reds. It is the perfect shade for an afternoon soiree or celebration at home.
  • Pastel green saree – Pastels are in vogue this season, and a demure pastel green speaks volumes about your understated elegance. Pair with multicoloured embroidery or other pastel colours for the perfect combination. Explore: Pastel Sarees
  • Emerald green saree – Like a pretty jewel, this colour is the perfect shade for your next Diwali celebration or as part of your bridal trousseau. This particular shade of green suits almost all skin tones and is a must-have in your wardrobe.
  • Mint green saree – Youthful, peppy, and energetic, this green shade is the colour of sunny days and rolling fields. It pairs well with other bold colours like pink, blue and red.

Dressing Up Your Green Saree Combinations With Beautiful Borders

A green saree without an embroidered border is like a power suit without a blazer. It will seem like something is missing if you don’t have a green saree combination with a pretty border. Some border varieties are:

  • Zari borders – There’s something about zari borders that signals weddings or formal occasions like a festival. We Indians don’t wear our zari sarees out for just any occasion. It has to be a special one. Like when we wear a dark green saree with golden border, it will have to be for a wedding, a festive day, or a friend’s birthday party. A green saree with golden border is a sign of prosperity and harmony and can be worn to any auspicious occasion.
  • Coloured zari borders – Zari doesn’t have to mean only gold in colour. You can pair your green saree with a border with a tinge of red, silver, or any other colour. For example, a green saree with red border brings together two auspicious colours for the perfect occasion. Explore: Sea Green Saree

FAQs on Green Sarees

Which blouse colour will go with a green saree?

You can choose a blouse that blends in with the green colour or try colour-blocking instead. Of course, a blouse in the same shade as the saree is the most obvious choice for a blouse. But you could also wear a red, pink, black, white, blue, gray, or maroon blouse for that remarkable effect.

Which sarees are the best to wear for a wedding?

Silk sarees of any colour are a safe bet. However, since red is a trendy colour, you can try wearing a green silk saree or a blue one so you stand out.

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