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The Makar Sankranti festival is celebrated across India, and wearing vibrant Sankranti sarees that symbolise the joy of the harvest season is a giv... More

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470 products

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If you are looking for a saree for Sankranti that is elegant and traditional, look no further than Koskii. You will find a vibrant collection that encapsulates the spirit of the harvest festival, featuring rich colours and intricate designs.

Dive into the online realm and enjoy the wide variety and convenience of online saree shopping. On this auspicious occasion, own a Sankranti special saree from Koskii that blends cultural heritage with contemporary styles. Whether adorned with traditional motifs or modern embellishments, each saree tells a tale of cultural diversity and festive joy.

Different Types of Sankranti Sarees

Sankranti sarees come in a diverse array of colours and fabrics, reflecting the cultural richness and festive spirit of the harvest celebration. They allow you to express your unique style while embracing the cultural essence of the harvest festival. Here are some prominent types:

Georgette Sankranti Saree

A georgette saree combines grace and comfort with its lightweight texture and vibrant colours. A bandhani saree in this fabric will add a burst of colour to the festivities.

Silk Sankranti Saree

Luxurious silk sarees in vibrant colours and exquisite borders symbolise the opulence of the festival. These sarees exude a timeless grace, making them a favoured choice for festive occasions.

Net Sankranti Saree

Comfortable and lightweight net sarees in cheerful colours are popular choices as a Pongal saree to mark the onset of the spring season.

Chiffon Sankranti Saree

These lightweight and sheer chiffon sarees are an ideal choice for a comfortable yet elegant festive look. Go for a subtle pastel colour or a vibrantly printed Makar Sankranti saree.

Banarasi Sankranti Saree

Known for their intricate zari work, Banarasi sarees add a touch of grandeur to any celebration, combining tradition with timeless elegance.

The Cultural Significance of Black Sarees during Makar Sankranti

In some regions of India, the cultural significance of wearing a black saree during Makar Sankranti is rooted in mythology and traditions. This practice is linked to the reverence for Bhishma from the Mahabharata, who chose to leave his mortal life during the auspicious transition of the sun into Uttarayana. The black attire is considered a mark of respect for his sacrifice and dedication to Dharma. Some rituals also incorporate black sesame seeds, symbolising the pursuit of soul purification.

Choose from Koskii’s gorgeous collection of black saree for Makar Sankranti, which will surely steal the show.

Frequently Asked Questions on Sankranti Sarees

Why do we wear the colour black on Makar Sankranti?

Wearing a black saree for Sankranti is associated with Bhishma from Mahabharata. Wearing black is considered a homage to his sacrifice, symbolising humility, devotion, and the cleansing of sins.