No bride is the same. The way she sees herself and her life is different. Her dreams and aspirations are different. So quite obviously she would want her wedding and everything in it to be different from others too.

The KOSKII SUPERBRIDE CAMPAIGN has been conceptualised as a positive reinforcement of this statement and celebrates each bride's unique personality because every woman is beautiful as she is. It celebrates the individuality of the bride by watching her go beyond superficial external layers like height, weight & skin color to express her inner self.

The campaign creates opportunities for introspection and reflection by asking the girl questions like “which Super Bride are you?” and making her choose a persona that closely reflects her inner personality so that she will discover her own personal power as she plans for this big moment in her life.

If you are a bride-to-be, register now to what will be a memorable experience of your life. Win a Koskii bridal trousseau, dazzle the ramp at the grand finale choreographed by fashion guru Prasad Bidapa, take home a celebrity style photo shoot along with Miss India Divas, make lifelong friends along the journey while you have loads of fun!


The Super Brides are a little bit of everything and a whole lot of one thing!

Artsy Bride

Immersed in creative pursuits and philosophical late-night conversations.


Sporty Bride

Life's a game for this outdoorsy, hyper-active team player.





Power Bride

A planned, purposeful climber of the corporate ladder. 


Explorer Bride

On an adventure through the wide-open spaces and high peaks of life, far-off countries, food and city hotspots. 


Activist Bride

Fiercely protective about animals, ecology, the marginalised and social causes. 








Fashion, fun and frolic galore! Have a look at the amazing times that unfolded at Koskii Superbride season 1.

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