Maroon Bridal Saree

Rich and luscious maroons have become the epitome of timeless elegance for Indian brides. Come and explore Koskii’s collection of maroon bridal sar... More

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73 products

Styling a Maroon Bridal Saree

Here are some chic and graceful ways to style a maroon bridal saree that will stun all those who lay eyes on you! 

Regal Brocade on Silk

Being the star of the event, a bride needs something that elevates her stature and highlights her as the leading lady. Nothing screams “Indian Dulhan” more than a bejewelled and bedecked maroon bridal saree with golden zari. Silk saree fabric can add to the drama with its rich and heavy feel. Accessorise accordingly with Kundan or traditional gold accessories, perhaps even a gorgeous golden belt to cinch in the waist.

Contrasting Silver Border Saree

Flamboyant and sensational, a striking silver border filled with sequins and stones could make any woman instantly feel like a million bucks! This sensational maroon bridal saree can be combined with diamond or Kundan jewellery sets to amp up the glamour. 

The Lehenga Drape

It can sometimes be tricky to stand out at an Indian wedding since so many people wear bright and flashy outfits. To achieve an elevated and distinct look, experiment with the drape of your maroon bridal saree. The added volume helps you to achieve a princess-like getup and will distinguish you from the crowd.

Monochrome Banarasi Silk Saree

There are different ways you can style a Banarasi maroon bridal saree. If you want to keep the drama of the classic colour but don’t want to be overly flamboyant, consider a less heavy maroon bridal saree. Pure silk fabrics with finespun zari threads are woven into the fabric, giving an almost monochromatic feel. Such sarees strike the perfect balance between being dashingly regal and quietly subtle. This ‘less is more’ approach is ideal for garden events, temples, and daytime weddings. 

Cream Saree with Maroon border

For those who shy away from deep maroons, you can even limit the deep colour to the border and pallu, opting for a crème or whitish shade for the bulk of the maroon bridal saree. Also, consider opting for a richly adorned maroon long-sleeve blouse to add to the royal aura.