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47 products

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Explore the world of purple dresses online from the comfort and convenience of your home. Koskki gives you a delightful shopping experience at your fingertips with a plethora of options. Enjoy the convenience of finding the perfect purple dress for any occasion, whether it's an elegant saree or a playful casual ensemble. With just a click, you can browse through a curated collection of purple dresses for women, compare styles, and choose the one that resonates with your unique taste. Elevate your wardrobe effortlessly with just a few simple clicks.

Types of Purple Dresses to Suit Every Occasion

Women’s purple outfit can go from casual gatherings to more formal events depending on how they style them. From traditional to contemporary, a purple dress for ladies in various styles caters to diverse tastes and can be worn for multiple events. Here are some examples of purple attire for different occasions.

Purple Saree

A purple silk saree in any shade of purple would look regal, and it would be perfect for grand events like a wedding. A darker shade would look glamorous on older women, while a lighter shade would bring out the youthfulness in anyone.

Purple Lehenga

A flowy purple Lehenga can be styled in multiple ways for various occasions. A simple lehenga with minimal embellishments can be worn to casual events, but the same outfit styled with some heavier pieces of jewellery can be worn for bigger celebrations.

Purple Salwar Suit

Purple Salwar suits are so effortless yet so elegant. Materials such as art silk or georgette elevate your outfit but are also durable enough for regular use. Silk and velvet suits would be ideal for weddings while being convenient to wear and comfortable to move around in.

Purple Anarkali

Anarkali suits have a regal silhouette, and adding a dash of purple shade in the mix makes it even more so. Whether it has a bodice with heavy work or a simpler embroidered design, these work well during festivals and other joyous celebrations.

Styles of Purple Dresses

Colour is not the only factor to consider when selecting purple-coloured dresses. The print, texture, and material also play an important role in the final look. 

Printed Purple Dresses 

Whether it is a simple floral design or a more abstract pattern, go for something that suits the occasion and your personality.

Bold Purple Dresses

Striking colour combinations or motifs on your purple outfit will ensure you are remembered for your bold choices.

Lace or Sheer Purple Dresses

Anyone can carry an ensemble with lace detailing or elements of sheer fabrics incorporated into the outfit. It looks classy without being outrageous.

Solid-coloured Purple Dresses

A plain, solid purple dress is the perfect canvas to layer your accessories. Choose a statement piece of jewellery, overlay, dupatta, hairstyle, or any other ornamentation to upgrade your outfit.

Shades of Purple Dresses for Every Occasion

The various shades of purple dresses offer a spectrum of options to suit various styles and occasions.

  • A delicate lavender dress adds a touch of grace and femininity and is ideal for daytime events.
  • Make a statement at evening affairs with a bold plum-coloured dress. 
  • A lilac sharara radiates a youthful and playful vibe and is suitable for brunches and day outings
  • Steal the spotlight with a vibrant violet dress ideal for cocktail parties and evening celebrations.
  • Embrace the romantic appeal of a dusty rose dress perfect for date nights and weddings.