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145 products

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Purple Zariwork Crepe Readymade Salwar Suit
Rs. 6,990
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Purple Zariwork Raw Silk Readymade Sharara Suit
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Wine Zariwork Raw Silk Readymade Salwar Suit
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Purple Zariwork Crepe Readymade Salwar Suit
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Purple Zariwork Crepe Readymade Salwar Suit
Regular price Rs. 6,990 Sale priceRs. 4,893

Shop for the Latest Purple Suits Online

Shopping for the latest purple suits online at Koskii offers a delightful experience filled with elegant and stylish options. Koskii's collection features a diverse range of purple suits, from deep royal purples to soft lavenders, each designed to cater to different tastes and occasions. With the evolving fashion trends, fashion enthusiasts look for updated designs and cuts of salwars to create a unique style statement. Whether you're looking for a heavily embellished suit for a wedding or a simple yet chic design for a casual outing, at Koskii you will find stylish purple suit designs that cater to your preferences perfectly.

From classic sharara suits to trendy palazzo sets and basic salwar suits to timeless Anarkalis, we offer everything to satiate your styling needs. You can browse our purple suits online and pick the one that matches your vibe!

Our user-friendly website allows you to explore high-quality images and detailed product descriptions, making it easy to find the perfect outfit from the comfort of your home. With Koskii, you can be assured of premium fabrics, exquisite craftsmanship, and trendy designs that keep you looking fashionable and feeling comfortable. 

Types of Purple Suit Fabrics Available at Koskii

Purple suit designs look spectacular when crafted on a suitable fabric. Thus, Koskii offers you an extensive range of purple suits in premium fabrics:

Charming Chiffon

The sheer softness and smoothness of chiffon make it one of the most comfortable fabrics for ethnic apparel. Pick our unstitched purple zari work chiffon salwar piece and style it into a gorgeous suit as per your choice.

Bouncy Georgette

Opt for a carefree style with our purple sharara suit in georgette fabric. This soft and bouncy fabric offers a comfortable and elegant fashion statement.

Rich Satin

Update your style game with Koskii's unique purple suit design in satin. Our three-piece satin set contains a crop top, palazzo, and long striped jacket.

Luxurious Organza

For a touch of sophistication, choose a lavender anarkali suit with thread work in organza. This lightweight, sheer fabric is ideal for creating graceful and flowy outfits, perfect for festive and formal occasions.

Elegant Crepe

Embrace understated elegance with a purple suit in crepe with a contrasting pink dupatta. Known for its crisp texture and excellent drape, crepe fabric is perfect for both casual and formal attire, ensuring you look stylish and feel comfortable.

Delicate Tissue 

Add a touch of glamour with Koskii’s unstitched lavender tissue suit with beige borer and sequins. This delicate and shimmery fabric is perfect for creating eye-catching outfits that are sure to make you stand out at any event.

Timeless Silk

Elevate your ethnic wardrobe with a timeless wine silk suit with zari work. Renowned for its luxurious feel and rich texture, silk suits are perfect for weddings, receptions, and other grand celebrations.

Explore Koskii's collection to find the perfect purple suit in your preferred fabric, ensuring a blend of style, comfort, and elegance for any occasion.

Various Hues of Purple Suits

Purple salwar suits come in a stunning variety of shades, each offering a unique appeal and making them suitable for different occasions and preferences. Here are some popular shades of purple suits available at Koskii:

  • Royal Purple: This deep, rich shade exudes elegance and sophistication. Perfect for weddings and grand celebrations, royal purple salwar suits often feature intricate embroidery and embellishments, making them ideal for regal occasions.
  • Lavender: A soft and delicate shade, lavender is perfect for daytime events, casual outings, and summer functions. Lavender suits can be paired with pastel accessories to create a fresh and charming look.
  • Mauve: Combining the subtlety of grey with the vibrancy of purple, mauve is a versatile shade suitable for both casual and formal events. Mauve salwar suits often feature minimalistic designs and can be accessorised with silver or pearl jewellery for an elegant look.
  • Maroon: A rich and warm shade, maroon adds depth and intensity to your outfit. Ideal for evening parties and festive occasions, maroon salwar suits often come with luxurious fabrics and detailed embroidery.
  • Violet: This vibrant and striking shade is perfect for those who love to make a statement. Violet salwar suits can be adorned with contrasting or complementary accessories to create a bold and fashionable ensemble.
  • Lilac: A lighter and more muted shade, lilac is perfect for spring and summer events. Lilac suits often feature delicate patterns and can be paired with soft, neutral accessories for a graceful and understated look.

Explore the diverse range of purple salwar suits at Koskii to find the perfect shade that complements your style and enhances your ethnic wardrobe.

Tips to Follow while Buying Your Purple Suit

Follow these simple tips from Koskii to secure the perfect purple suit for women at the best prices:

  • Consider the occasion and select the style and karigaris of the purple suit accordingly. You can go for heavy purple suit designs for weddings and festivals. However, choose simpler ones for casual parties.
  • For comfortable styling, select suit fabrics like silk for cooler weather and lightweight art silk, georgette, chiffon, and similar for warmer weather.
  • Pick the right purple shade that complements your skin tone flawlessly. Try out how various shades look against your skin in natural light and see what you prefer.
  • Decide on a budget before you go shopping so that you don’t overspend looking at the plethora of choices before you.

Frequently Asked Questions on Purple Salwar Suits

For what occasions can I wear purple salwar suits?

Purple suits are versatile and can be worn for various occasions. Deep shades like royal purple and plum with heavy embellishments are perfect for grand celebrations like weddings. For festivals, vibrant shades like violet would be ideal. Light shades like lavender and lilac in comfortable fabrics are great for casual wear and daytime events.

How do I choose the right shade of purple suits for my skin tone?

Colours that suit you are a personal preference. However, if you are not sure what you should get, opt for pastel shades if you have a cool skin temperature and warmer shades like violet and mauve if you have a warmer skin tone.

What styles of purple salwar suits are popular?

There are various styles of salwar suits to choose from. Anarkali, classic straight-cut, palazzo sets, and sharara suits. You could pair palazzos and sharara pants with either long or crop tops for completely different vibes. You can also consider sleeve and neck designs that will further enhance your look.

Can purple suits be worn all year-round?

Yes, purple salwar suits can be worn throughout the year by choosing appropriate fabrics and shades. Light fabrics like cotton and chiffon in pastel are great for summers, heavier fabrics like silk and velvet in dark purple tones will work for colder climates, and quick-drying fabrics like georgette or polyester would be ideal for the rainy season.

Can I mix and match different pieces with purple salwar suits?

Mixing and matching your clothes can create unique looks, giving you extra clothing options. Mix and match different styles of bottoms like palazzos, churidars, or skirts with your kameez. Pair your purple salwar with a contrasting dupatta for a fresh look.