We have a winner!  

The Koskii SuperBride Season 2 has come to an end. The Finale on November, 22 was an incredible evening that paid tribute to the modern bride of India. It was an amazing show that saw lots of action and some fine performances by the contestants. The evening drew to a close with an epic fashion show showcasing the latest in bridal wear by Koskii and was choreographed by India’s fashion guru, Prasad Bidapa. It was a star-studded affair that also featured Miss India Divas walking the ramp with the contestants.

The Finale included the final three rounds of elimination where the girls presented themselves before the judges, strutted their stuff, and answered some difficult and probing questions. The judges were an eclectic group that included Lucky Malhotra, Ritu Mehta, Ridhi Shah and Kulsum Parvez, Then came the announcement of the Top 10 contestants and the crowning of the Koskii SuperBride winner.

Koskii SuperBride Season 2 winners


Arpitha N

Surbhi Tayal

Karthika M S

Sania Sameer

Huda Mohsina

Sheetal Srinath

Pallavi Venkatesh

Medha Ravindranath

Meet the Season 2 Koskii SuperBride


 Makia Banoo is a 25 year old Chartered Accountant who is getting married to Faizan Hadfa at the end of the year. She loves dressing, dancing and public speaking which is why she sees herself as the Sporty Bride. Her confidence, sense of style, and presence put her ahead of the nearly 700 brides-to-be who registered for this contest. 

As we bring the curtain down on this contest, we want to thank each girl who signed up to be part of the contest and especially those who journeyed some distance with us. Each of the girls brought their own brand of sunshine to this contest. Their response has been overwhelming and has warmed the cockles of our collective hearts. It was an utter joy to meet the girls and spend time with them. They are all winners. We wish them every success! Dream big, girls! You deserve the best and only the best.

And you, dear reader, until next time, thank you for following the contest and supporting it through your continued interest. We’ll be back with an even bigger and better contest next year. 

Super Bride Personas

SPORTY BRIDE: Life's a game for this outdoorsy, hyper-active team player. 

POWER BRIDE: A planned, purposeful climber of the corporate ladder.

EXPLORER BRIDE: On an adventure through the wide-open spaces and high peaks of life, far-off countries, food and city hotspots. 

ARTSY BRIDE: Immersed in creative pursuits and philosophical late-night conversations.

ACTIVIST BRIDE: Fiercely protective about animals, ecology, the marginalised and social causes.

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