We’re back! The contest you’ve been waiting for is here again.

the Koskii SuperBride Contest

This second edition of Koskii SuperBride promises to be bigger and better than ever before. Calling all brides-to-be. Do you have what it takes to be a SuperBride?

At Koskii, we believe all brides are unique and special in their own way. As you get ready to celebrate your special day, we want to be right there with you. The SuperBride contest is our gift to you. It celebrates your uniqueness, your dreams, your desires… the very things that make you, you.

Who is a Koskii SuperBride?

You could be. Come and find out.

How do you participate?

Step 1: Choose your bride persona.
Step 2: Sign up. We’re closing our registrations soon! so don’t wait. Sign up Today! Form below.

It’s that simple.

What’s the prize?

You mean apart from a lifetime of memories, friends, and loads of fun?

You stand to win:
• A stunning Koskii bridal trousseau
• The opportunity of a lifetime to walk the ramp, along with Miss India Divas, at the grand finale choreographed by fashion guru Prasad Bidapa
• Celebrity-style photoshoot to show off to your grandkids, neighbors, aunties...
• Also win many more exciting prizes

Are you ready?

Super Bride Personas

SPORTY BRIDE: Life's a game for this outdoorsy, hyper-active team player. 

POWER BRIDE: A planned, purposeful climber of the corporate ladder.

EXPLORER BRIDE: On an adventure through the wide-open spaces and high peaks of life, far-off countries, food and city hotspots. 

ARTSY BRIDE: Immersed in creative pursuits and philosophical late-night conversations.

ACTIVIST BRIDE: Fiercely protective about animals, ecology, the marginalised and social causes.




1. Eligibility: The Contestant shall be a major(18 years and above),and a bride-to-be within 10 months from the date of completing this registration.

2. Contest Categories: The Contest shall include 5 (five) categories, namely, Sporty Bride, Arty Bride, Explorer Bride, Activist bride, and Power Bride. Every Contestant is allowed to participate in only one of the categories.

3. Contestant unequivocally declares that she is eligible to contest in the Event, and that she agrees to respect and comply with all the Rules of the Contest

4. The Contestant agrees to keep herself present and available at all stages as required for the Event.

5. The Contestant agrees that the images, videos, photographs and other material developed during the Event keeping the Contestant as the model may be used by Koskii and its “Koskii Super Brides Season 2” partners/sponsors, including in their promotional and/or advertisement material.

6. The Contestant agrees and accepts that Koskii, the Event Organizer is the sole authority in framing the Rules for the Event, and in the control of the process and outcome of the Event, and that any opinion or results announced by either Koskii, or any due representative thereof, shall be final and binding on the Contestant.

7. The Contestant agrees to, and unconditionally assures, conduct of utmost dignity and integrity with respect to any obligation or activity within the scope of this Agreement. The Contestant further accepts the obligation not to conduct oneself in any manner that may bring disrepute to, or malign the image of, Koskii or its agents and representatives.

8. Koskii reserves the right to disqualify a participant at any time it has reasons to believe that the Contestant has failed to comply with any of the obligations as mentioned above.

9. Any contestant found to furnish false information will immediately be disqualified from the event and the next contestant in line will take her place.

10. Any contestant found publicly posting slanderous remarks on public forums, social networking sites or any other public domain will be immediately disqualified

11. This contest will be based in Bangalore. Contestants applying from other cities/countries are welcome to participate, however all travel and related costs will be borne by the participants

12. By registering into the contest, the contestant agrees to receive contest related and any other marketing or promotional communication via email or phone shared in this registration from Koskii and its “Koskii Super Brides Season 2” partners/sponsors

We’re not kidding. You will make lots of new friends and have more fun than you ever thought possible.
Don’t believe us? Take a look through the footage from our last Koskii SuperBride contest.





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